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allpowers.png (ALLPOWERS) - Allpowers ifadesini kullan

To get AllPowers, you need at least one of each power marked with a rocket on the store.
The powers required for AllPowers can be changed at any time without notice. These can be any power except Epic powers. You will know when you lose AllPowers.
You cannot trade AllPowers. Each power must be inputted individually. Make sure you do not get scammed.
You can use AllPowers as a smiley effect. (d#allpowers) will add a rocket around the smiley. Adding #w? after #allpowers, where ? can be any character, will remove the rocket and instead add a ring: (d#allpowers#w1)
You can add a golden egg to your pawn by adding (hat#e) to your name. This egg cannot be colored.

  • To color it, turn off AllPowers and add the color code after #e. (hat#e#FFD800)
  • If you do not have a gift or a card, you can use (hat#g) without turning off AllPowers. When you do not have a gift or a card, (hat#g) is turned into an egg instead of the usual gift.

You can click "Mark All Powers" at the bottom to check which unlimited powers you are missing. Limited ones will not show.

Limited powers required for Allpowers: (beach)(stoneage)(reindeer)(sparta)(can)(magicfx)(movie)(blobby)(pony)(quest2)(eighties)(makeup)(stylist)(cuboid)(fruties)(kangel)(eggy)(ani1)(halloween2)(piracy)(froggy)(blackfriday)(hogmanay)(farm)(ladybug)(cupcake)(luck)(springy)(coffee)(blubunni)(chocolate)(blueoni)