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allpowers.png (ALLPOWERS) - Allpowers ifadesini kullan

Allpowers is not a power, it is a set of powers that gives you some extra abilities on the chat. You must have at least one of each power that is part of the set (the ones marked with a rocket on the powers page) to qualify for it. New powers may be added over time and without notice. You are required to purchase the respective powers to regain AllPowers.

Completing AllPowers

AllPowers currently contains 170 powers, which may take some work for you to keep track of if you're going to purchase them individually. You can click on "Mark All Powers" at the bottom of the powers page to check which unlimited powers you are missing. Limited powers will not be marked due to the fact they are unavailable in the store.

Allpowers icin gerekli olan limitli gücler:


AllPowers comes with an extra hat and few exclusive effects for smilies.

Golden Egg hat

To use the Golden Egg Hat, add the following code to your nameː (hat#e). To color the egg, you must disable AllPowers first, and then add the color code after #e. For example: (hat#e#FFD800). If you don't have any gifts, you can color it without disabling AllPowers, by replacing #e with #g on the code above.

Smiley Effects

Adding #allpowers to a smiley code will add a rocket around the smiley.

Adding #w? after #allpowers, where ? can be any character, will remove the rocket and place a ring instead: (d#allpowers#w1).