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===http://xat.com/images/smw/angry.png (angry) --إبتسامات غاضب '''محدودة '''===
===http://xat.com/images/smw/angry.png (angry) --إبتسامات غاضب '''محدودة '''===
*إبتسامات غاضب: (angry)  (explode) (facepalm) (bite) (hissyfit) (mutter) (potstir) (pullhair) (raging) (ticked) (yell) (flame) (grumpy2) (headache) (timebomb). '''''LIMITED'''''.
*إبتسامات غاضب: (angry)  (explode) (facepalm) (bite) (hissyfit) (mutter) (potstir) (pullhair) (raging) (ticked) (yell) (flame) (grumpy2) (headache) (timebomb).

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angry.png (angry) --إبتسامات غاضب محدودة

  • إبتسامات غاضب: (angry) (explode) (facepalm) (bite) (hissyfit) (mutter) (potstir) (pullhair) (raging) (ticked) (yell) (flame) (grumpy2) (headache) (timebomb).
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