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Grid, Player, Games, Doodle, Groups, Smilies and Translate are all applications found on tabs on the left of chat group pages. They can be activated and used while chatting with your friends. This guide will help you get started with applications.


The grid allows you to view the pictures of all users who are not using a xat default picture or smiley. Once you open the grid, clicking on their picture will bring you to their By hovering over their picture and then clicking their name, you will see their user details on the chat.


By using the YouTube player, you can watch videos while you chat. When you start the player you can click the Link button and watch a video alone, or if you're a moderator/owner click Broadcast and the video will be sent to all users on the player, unless they have the no broadcast (key) button. The player can play videos from Youtube, Veoh, Youtube Live (Google Hangout), and Myspace video, as well as display Photobucket pictures.


Play games with friends on xat! You can find the games on the left hand side of your chat box, below the youtube player. Games include Chess, Darts, Doodlerace, Four in a row, Hearts, Matchrace, Pool, Shoot, Snakerace, Spacewar, Switch and Zwhack. For details on games, see Games


Using doodle, you can draw with everyone in the chat who is also using doodle. If you Private Chat people you can draw with them alone. Good for playing tic tac toe!

You can also import images from Photobucket into Doodle with the Dood power.


Click the smilies tab to view a list of the available free smilies and some powers. You can click one and it will put it into the chat box for you.


Clicking your name and clicking "Add Effects" under your picture link will allow you to add cool animated effects to any picture (not counting the "toon" pictures). Below are all available effects and what they do:


Bounce makes a smilie "bounce" around your avatar.

  • LED

LED lets you write a message to go across your avatar with LED lighted-effects. You can also change the color of the LED lights.


Beams makes search-light style beams go on your picture.


Blood makes blood fall down your picture. You can also set the color of the blood.

  • EQU

Equ makes DJ-styled bars go on your avatar.


Glitter allows you to add glitters to your avatar, for an extra shine effect.


Hearts makes balloon-hearts go up in your pic.

  • LIPS

Lips makes kissy-lips go on your picture. You can change the lips to any smilie you like.

  • UP

Up makes smilies go up in your picture. You can use any smilie.

  • DOWN

Down makes smilies go down your picture. You can use any smilie.

  • WALK

Walk makes a smilie "walk" along the edge of your picture.

  • SNOW

Snow makes snowflakes fall to the bottom of your picture, and snow buildup eventually breaks. You can use any smilie and snow color.

  • XMAS

Xmas adds Christmas lights to your picture.


To open the xat Trade Engine, click on the "Games" tab and then click on "Trade". Alternatively, type "Trade" in the chat and click on it, or click someone's name and click "Transfer", then click "Trade". You can use the trade engine to trade subscriber days, xats, and/or powers amongst users. For more information on trade, please see the Trading article.


Click on the green icon to begin a voice call, the blue icon to begin a video call and the red icon to end either one of them. The slider on the left is used to adjust microphone's volume, and the slider on the right is used to adjust video quality.

If you are a subscriber, translate allows you to translate your language into a different language on the chat. Set your "Chat Language" to "Auto-Detect Language", set "Your Language" to whatever language you speak and then set "Speak In" to whatever language you want it to be translated in. It can be used for all sorts of things, such as allowing people to translate to English in an English-only chat.


The webcam feature allows you to use video chat or voice chat with the person in your private chat. To use the webcam, simply private chat the person, make sure the other person is in the private chat with you and press either "Voice call" or "Video Call". Once you see the text "Incoming call", simply press the Blue Button (Video Camera Icon) or the Green Button (Telephone Icon). Once you see the text "Call Established" in the lower bottom, you can now go to the main chat and move off the private chat tab and still be streaming your voice/video to the person you can webcamming with.

Frequently Asked Questions about webcam[edit]

  • What is "Allow to access your webcam?"

If you access webcam for the first time, you may get a prompt to allow to access your webcam and microphone. Click okay to allow to access your webcam. This is required to use the webcam functions and to voice/video call with your friends.

  • What is Vrx?

Vrx stands for Video Receive. If this is checked, you will see the other person on webcam; if it is unchecked, you will not see their video.

  • What does Vtx stand for?

Vtx stands for Video Transmit, and it's used to change the video quality of the video. You can re-arrange it to make it look blurry or you can make it look clear. By unchecking the box which is above the slider, it won't show anything. It will show just a black box instead. The lower the slider is, the faster the webcam performance will be, but the quality will be lowered by a bit. The higher the slider is, the sharper the picture will be. You won't see any quality change; only the person you are using the webcam with will. If you are capped to a certain amount of bandwidth with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), your frame rate will be slow. The frame rate is how many times per second the picture will update. You will need to adjust the VTX slider until it is adjusted for your usage.

  • How do I use the Mic?

You can use the slider to change it from loud to quiet. By unchecking the box which is above the slider, it will turn the volume off. Above it, it says SPK which stands for Speaker. It's used to change the volume of the person that's using the microphone. By unchecking the box, you won't be able to hear any sound from the person that's using the mic.

  • I am receiving feedback e.g a loud squeaking sound through my speakers.

Adjust your computer speakers to low volume and your microphone to low volume. The feedback should be fine now.

  • How do I change Audio Codec/Quality?

To change the audio quality/codec, click the settings tab on the bottom and this will open a new iframe window. Once you have opened it up, in the 3rd dropdown area, there are 2 codecs: Speex and Nollymoser. The higher the Q or the higher the frequency, the better the audio quality is.

  • I am watching my friend on video chat and I get loud feedback!

Most of the time, you will experience feedback issues with watching someone on webcam/voice chatting with them. To solve this issue, try lowering the Mic slider until it stops feedback. If this doesn't solve it, try lowering your computer speakers as well.

Common notification messages[edit]

  • Not on Private Chat

This error means the person is not in Private Chat. The person didn't exit out the window but switched to the main chat instead.

  • Incoming Video Call

It shows that the person either wants to use the webcam or the microphone. You can click on the green button or the blue button to accept the invitation but you don't have to use a webcam or microphone in order to see the person using a webcam/microphone.

xat Live[edit]

The Live panel lets you manage messages sent while your chat is on Live mode. For more information on this, please refer to the Live article.

Power Applications[edit]

Power applications are applications that allow you to create smiley codes for specific powers. For example, AppBot, xavi, Stick and Music which have their own application for further customization.

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