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category.png (CATEGORY) - Categorize your friends list

The Category power allows you to create different groups to organize your friends list.

Note: This power is not available on the Flash version of xat.

Different customizable categories

Creating a Category

To create a category, click on your own name and press the "Settings" button. From there, you will see the "Categories" button at the very top right. From here, you may enter a customizable name for your category and press the "Add Category" button. The new category will then be shown on your friends list.

Rearranging and Deleting Categories

It is also possible to change the position of your custom category simply by dragging and dropping them in the category field. To remove a category, press and hold the category then drag it into the trash bin that appears.

Krećanje Svoje Prijatelje

Krećanje svoje prijatelje u različite kategorije je takođe veoma lako. Da biste to uradili, pritisnite i držite jedan od vaših prijatelja imena na listi prijatelja i da ih uvuče u željenu kategoriju.