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Note  Note: This is the article for the HTML5 version of the chat, if you wish to see the Flash Player version, click here.

Ang Grupong kapangyarihan ay ang mga powers na maaaring italaga sa chat group. Sa pangkalahatan, ang mga kapangyarihan ay nagbibigat sa chat group ng karagdagang function o smileys na kadalasang hindi available. Ang group powers ay hindi maaaring gamitin sa trade kung ito ay nakatalaga sa iyong chat. Bukod pa rito, ang group powers ay maaaring Limited o Unlimited.

Para mag talaga ng power sa Chat Box Settings, i-check ang box na kasunod ng power kasunod ang pag click sa "Update these options" button.

Pagtatalaga ng group power

Upang makapag talaga ng group power, kuhain muna ang power na iyong nais, at pumunta sa iyong chat na gustong italaga ang kapangyarihan. Ilagay ng power smiley sa chat, hal. "(redirect)", pindutin ang smiley na lumabas, at pindutin ang "Assign" button. Ang main owner ay kinakailangang italaga ang power sa Chat Box settings. Para makapasok sa Chat Box Settings, pindutin ang "Edit Your Chat", at "Estra Features". Bukod rito, pwede ring pindutin ang "Edit" sa ilalim ng chat, ilagay ang password ng chat, at pindutin ang "Chat Box Settings". Mula rito, mag scroll pababa sa "Extra Chat Box Features" at tignan ang power na naitalaga at itsek ang box kasunod rito. Matapos itsek ang box, mag scroll pababa hanggang sa dulo ng pahina at pindutin ang "Update these options". Mag refresh ng chat at matagumpay mong naitalaga ang group power.

Note: Presently, this must be done on Flash (not HTML5 chats).

Activating a group power

For assigned powers to function on your group, a main owner will need to activate the power in the Edit Group settings. To access the Edit Group settings, hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Alternatively, click "Edit Your Chat", which is above the "Sign Out"/"Sign In" button. Then, enter your chat group's password or, as you are a main owner, your account password. Then, click the "group powers" tab.

To export your power configuration settings, click "export".

The "group powers" tab allows you to activate and deactivate group powers on your chat and edit their settings. You can filter between assigned and/or unassigned powers by power name or ID. To activate or deactivate an assigned power, check the tickbox next to the power name and then click "save" at the bottom of the page. Refresh the chat and you will have the group power successfully activated or deactivated. If a power is not assigned, it cannot be activated. The total number of assigned powers on your group is displayed above the search bar. You can view the ID number of the user who assigned each power by hovering over the "Assigned by" text.

You can import/export your power configuration settings in a .xatp file format. There must be at least one customized value for the settings to be exported. Default settings cannot be exported, nor can you import the settings of a power that is not assigned to your group.

There is also an option to activate/deactivate all assigned group powers at once, according to your search and filter. This option is located below the search bar when viewing "assigned" or "assigned + unassigned" powers.

Un-assigning a group power

To un-assign a group power, go to the chat it is assigned to and type the power into the chat, click on the smiley and click "Unassign". If you have forgotten the chat it is assigned to, log in to your account and click the "group" tab on the user account management page. Here you will see the group power name followed by "Group1," which is the chat the power is assigned to. Clicking on "Group1" will lead you to the chat for you to un-assign.

To view your assigned powers, click the "group" tab on the user account management page.

Pagaalis ng pagkakatalaga ng group power sa deleted na chat

Kung mayroon kang group power na nakatalaga sa chat at ngayon ay deleted, sundan ang mga sumusunod na hakbang sa ibaba para matulungan ka alisin sa pagkakatalaga ang power.

1. Attempt to use the /go command. Go to any chat and type /go CHATNAME and see if you are able to connect to the deleted chat. If not, go to the next step.

2. Copy the following link "" and replace IDHERE with the deleted chat's ID. To get the ID of the deleted chat, log in and click the "group" tab on the user account management page. Right-click on the group it is assigned to and select "Copy Link Address". Paste the link into your browser's URL bar and copy just the numbers and insert them into the link above. For example, if your chat link is, your chat ID number is 12345678.