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Countdown to a specific date
Countdown to a specific date

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count.png (COUNT) - Countdown to a specific date

  • The Count power uses a MMDDYY format for dates.

For example, October 31st, 2013 would be 010114. Each slot must take up two spaces, so for a month or day with one digit, a 0 must be added. For example, June 9th, 2013 would be 060913.

  • The Count power also uses a 24-hour clock format.

Times before 1 PM are written as they usually are, but with a 0 in front so the hours take up 2 slots. For example, 6:00 AM is written 06:00, or in HHMMSS it would be 060000. For times after 12:59 PM, a 12 is added to the hour. For example, 6:00 PM is written 18:00, or in HHMMSS it would be 180000.

  • The maximum amount of days which will be displayed is 99.

You cannot count down to a date more than 99 days away.

  • Each countdown timer counts the remaining full periods before the selected date.

For example, if today is July 1st, 2013, and I make a countdown for days until July 3rd, 2013, it will read 1 day, because there is only 1 full day between these dates. Please keep this in mind. If you want to count partial days instead, you can just add 1 to the countdown timer by counting down to the day after your target.

  • The time remaining will be different for everyone, as it generated based on the time set on each user's computer. Therefore, two people in different time zones will see different times remaining.

Countdown timer, shows time remaining until a specified event, for example, New Years Day. It contains a mechanical and an LED style.

How to use

For easy generation of a count smiley code, check out: http://xatAlert.com/count/

To set a countdown to a date manually (MMDDYY):

(count#d010114) use d for days until 010114 (10/31/2013, October 31st 2013)

(count#h010114) use h for hours

(count#m010114) use m for minutes

(count#s010114) use s for seconds

e.g. (count#d010114)days (count#h010114)h(count#m010114)m(count#s010114)s to Halloween!

To set countdown to a date and time, add the hour, minute, and second you want to count down to. (MMDDYYHHMMSS):

use: 010114180000 for (10/31/13 18:00, October 31st 2013 6pm)

To use the alternative LED digital style, add an L just before the date/time code:

(count#dl010114)days to Halloween!

To set it to a fixed number, add an F just before the date/time code:

(count#f42) will always display the number 42.

To color the numbers you can add a color code after the time: (count#f42#r) or (count#d010114#00ff00)

Other power effects, such as invert or mirror, can be added in a similar manner.

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