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xat allows further customization of chat groups and profiles using CSS coding. Before you get started with your customization, read the guidelines below.

Note: xat reserves the right to change these guidelines without notice.

IMPORTANT: Failure to follow these guidelines may result in your chat group being permanently de-listed and having all its media removed, or your xat profile being deleted.


  • The xat logo, links and footer must be visible at 100% opacity at all times, and must not be obstructed or modified in any way.
  • The xat logo should be on a dark background and must be clickable.
  • The chatbox itself and side applications must be accessible.
  • Animations are okay as long as they are not intrusive to the chatting experience.
  • Images or other page content can not overlap the chat.
  • You can change the font or color of the text, but it must remain easily legible.
  • Flashing images should not be used.
  • The advert must not be hidden.
  • If you fake information (e.g. your name or having the inappropriate button link elsewhere), your account and/or group could be deleted.

Group Page Links[edit]

The following links can be suppressed (if you wish to do so):

  • Forum, Groups, News, Store, Trade, Help, Wiki, Like, Tweet, Embed, Edit

The following links can be moved above the fold:

  • Events, Message, Inappropriate (the inappropriate icon must be kept and be easy to spot)

Group Tabs[edit]

  • The tabs can be removed.

xat Profile (xat.me)[edit]

The following links can be suppressed:

  • Groups, Wiki, Forum
  • The poll can be suppressed.
  • The profile picture can be suppressed, but you should make the profile name obvious.
  • The logo could be moved to top left.


  • The footer should not be altered.
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