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darts.png (DARTS) - Gioca a freccette GROUP POWER

You don't need to have the power to play. You can find chats playing Darts on the following linkː http://web.xat.com/games_chat.php or you can go to http://xat.com/Game if you want more details and more games.

How to use

  • Type (darts) in your chat and assign the power, and then click edit your chat and select extra features and activate the power by checking the box.

Game play

  • To play this game, open the Darts application by clicking on "Games" and then "Darts" and call ZingBot to your chat via with !bot command
  • Type: !start (in main) - The dart game will start (only if Race mode is set, if Individual mode is set you can begin playing immediately when you open the app)

How to play

  • Every time the game will start you will have 0 points
  • To get points you will have to throw darts at the targets. If you hit the red dot, you will get a bullseye which gives you the highest amount of points. The closer you are to the red dot, the more points you will get.


The power is required to use any of the commands. You are required to be on the application to use the commands as well.

  • !bot [lang] The bot will start with the language you choose. Examples are:
    • !bot en (english)
    • !bot es (spanish)
    • !bot pt (portuguese)
    • !bot ro (romanian)
    • !bot it (italian)
    • !bot fr (french)
    • !bot al (albanian)
  • !help The bot will private message you with all the available commands.
  • !start This command will start the game.


These can be changed in Extra Features of your chat under edit options.

  • "Controller Rank" This setting allows you to set the minimum rank for use of the bot.
  • "Play time (s)" This setting allows you to set the default play time in seconds.
  • "Results time (s)" This setting allows you to set the default result display time in seconds.
  • "Game type" This setting allows you to set the type of the game (Race or Individual).
  • "Target score" This setting allows you to set the target score to end the game (only applies when individual mode is set)
  • "Prize" This setting allows you to set the prize for the game. e.g you can set member as the prize


  • When the power is assigned you can set the individual or race mode via extra features.
  • Individual mode allows each player to hit a target score. When they hit the target score, if a prize is set they will win the prize.
  • Race mode is a multiplayer mode that allows players to compete to get the highest score within 60 seconds. If a prize is set, the person who gets the highest score will win the prize.
  • Bonus smilies are:


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