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doodlerace.png (DOODLERACE) - Create the best doodle GROUP POWER

Doodlerace is a group power that allows you to compete with others by creating the best doodle.


The power is not required to play. You can find chats playing Doodlerace by visiting the xat Groups page and clicking on "Games". You can also go to the Game chat if you want more details and more games.

To open the game, click the "games" tab to the left of the chatbox, then select "doodlerace".


  • To use the Doodlerace power, first get it from the powers page and visit the chat you wish to play on. Then type (doodlerace) into the chat and click the smiley that appears to assign it. You must then activate the power, which requires the main owner rank. Click "Edit Your Chat", then "Extra Features" and scroll down to the "doodlerace" tickbox. Check it, and click "Update these options". The power is now assigned and activated.
  • You can then use the !bot command to start the bot, and use the !start command so everyone begins drawing the word you selected. After drawing is finished, you will all be given the option to rate the user's doodles 1-5 stars. The bot will send a message showing the top 3 people after rating is over, and the app will display your rank out of all users at the top.


The power is required to use any of the commands. You are required to be on the application to use the commands as well.

  • !bot lang The bot will start with the language you choose. Examples are: !bot en (english) !bot es (spanish) !bot pt (portuguese) !bot ro (romanian) !bot it (italian)
  • !help The bot will private message you with all the available commands.
  • !times play rate results e.g. !times 60 30 30 This sets the drawing time, the time to rate the user's doodles and the time the results are shown. You can also change edit the default times by editing the power options in extra features.
  • !start word/category This command will start a game. e.g. !start dog or !start people. You can also add words in a specific order, e.g. !start cat,dog,pig
  • More complicated examples of !start are !start word1;word2;word3;word4, This would start the doodle and randomly choose one of the words. It can also be combined with categories or regular words, e.g. !start sad;mad;bad people. or !start sad;mad;bad dog
  • You can also control the amount of words chosen from a category, e.g. !start people. 5 would select 5 random people.
  • !next This will go to the next action, e.g. from playing to rating, from rating to results.
  • !skip This will skip to the next word.
  • !prize Read the Prizes section below for more information on this command.
  • !banloser This will allow you to start banning the loser (user with the lowest points) depending on how many people are in the chat. Type !banloser 20 to set it to ban users after 20 people are in the chat. To remove, type !banloser 0. You can view what it is set to by typing !banloser.
  • !exit/!bye This command will make the bot exit the chat.


You can add prizes to the bot by transferring xats.

  • Type !prize 10 xats to use a 10 xats prize for the winner of the game. You can change it to !prize 50 xats, or !prize 1 day for days etc.
  • All games started after this will offer the prize you selected, until the prize fund is empty.
  • Note: The bot should store your prize for 24 hours, however, this is not guaranteed. Do not transfer large amounts of xats/days to the bot otherwise you could lose them.
  • You can view what the prize is set to and how much the prize fund contains by typing !prize


These can be changed in Extra Features of your chat under edit options.

  • Controller Rank This setting allows you to set the minimum rank for use of the bot.
  • Drawing time (s) This setting allows you to set the default drawing time in seconds.
  • Rating time (s) This setting allows you to set the default rating time in seconds.
  • Results time (s) This setting allows you to set the default result display time in seconds.
  • Display while drawing This setting allows you to choose whether Doodles, Doodles and name or nothing is displayed during a game.

Scoring system

The scoring system does not count votes of users who did not get votes. This is to prevent people from making separate accounts and cheating to win the game.


  • Facebook/Twitter Pressing the respective button will allow you to post your doodle to your Facebook/Twitter account.
  • Trash bin This button erases your doodle.
  • Colour picker This allows you to pick your colours. You can also manually change the shade.

of your colour using the bar located to the left of it. You can also change your colour manually using the red, blue and green bar located at the right.

  • Point size This allows you to change the thickness of the point you are using to draw with.
  • Volume control The regular chat volume controls are used to control the volume of the app.
  • Ban button Moderators/owners will see a brown pawn button top right of the user's doodle. They can press this button to ban the user for one hour.


To use categories simply type !start category. e.g. !start people. To use sub categories you must first begin with the category and end with the subcategory, i.e. !start category.subcategory, e.g. !start people.actors.

  • People.
    • People.Celebs.
    • People.Actors.
    • People.Music.
  • Places.
    • Places.Attractions.
    • Places.Countries.
    • Places.Cities.
  • Actions.
  • Tv.
    • Tv.Cartoons.
    • Tv.Simpsons.
    • Tv.TheBigBangTheory.
    • Tv.Twilight.
    • Tv.FamilyGuy.
    • Tv.WWE.
  • VideoGames.
  • Movies.
  • Anime.
    • Anime.DeathNote.
    • Anime.Naruto.
    • Anime.FairyTail.
    • Anime.DragonBall Z.
    • Anime.Bleach.
  • Websites.
    • Websites.xat.
  • Books.
  • Books.HarryPotter.
  • Brands.
  • Objects.
    • Objects.Food.
    • Objects.Drinks.
    • Objects.Technology.
    • Objects.Transport.
    • Objects.Clothing.
    • Objects.Body.
    • Objects.House.
    • Objects.Stationery.
    • Objects.Toys.
    • Objects.Candy.
    • Objects.Seaside.
    • Objects.Music.
  • Nature.
    • Nature.Animals.
    • Nature.Flowers.
    • Nature.Weather.
  • School.
  • Work.
  • Sports.
  • Hobbies.
  • Holidays.
    • Holidays.Christmas.
  • Emotions.
  • Difficult.


The entire word list is here for your viewing pleasure: wordlist.

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