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eggjinx.png (EGGJINX) - Jinx your friends with g-language messages OGRANIČEN

Send a Eggjinx hug to a friend and their messages will look like the message in example 1. This power adds "egg" before each vowel of your message.

example 1 "I'll be back"

Note: You cannot use Eggjinx hugs in main chat, otherwise you will get error 65. You will need to private chat a user to use the following commands.


The animation of the hug is your avatar fishing your target and dropping him in an eggbag. At the end of the hug, the probability and time of the Eggjinx are shown.

To Eggjinx the user in private chat only:

  • /jinx [time in minutes]egg[probability%] Vaša poruka ovdje#izborni kod boje

To Eggjinx the user in main chat:

  • /jinxall [time in minutes]egg[probability%] Vaša poruka ovdje#izborni kod boje

Sending a /jinxall ?egg? hug costs 10 xats and you can only send 20 within 24 hours.


  • /jinx 10egg50 teggakegge theggis
  • /jinxall 10egg100 you are so egged

Default and maximum time is 30 minutes. Default probability is 25%.

The "probability" section controls the frequency of the jinxed messages. For example, a probability of 50 means there is a 50% chance your messages will be Eggjinxed.

To Eggjinx yourself in one message only, add an Eggjinx smiley to the end of your message.


Currently, there is no way to unjinx a user. The best way to "unjinx" someone is to use one of the following commands:

  • /jinx 1egg1 in PC; to set the time to 1 minute and a probability of 1%.
  • /jinxall 1egg1 in main chat; to set the time to 1 minute and a probability of 1% (this will cost 10 xats.)


You can use Gcontrol to set the minimum rank for this feature and whether users of the same rank can Eggjinx each other.