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foe.png (FOE) - Czy jesteś przyjaciel czy wróg?

  • With this power you will have the option to Add Friend and make them a Foe.
  • The user must be added to your friends list or must have clicked you to make them a Foe.
  • To make a Foe; click the Friends tab or Tickle notifications in chat, click the user, then click Foe.
  • A Friend will have the normal capabilities to PC/PM you when you have NOPC enabled.
  • A Friend will be able to see which chats you are on if you are not using NOFOLLOW.
  • A Foe will have a SKULL pawn on the user list and in the chat; indicating that they are your enemy.
  • A Foe will not be able to break the NOPC or follow you regardless if NOFOLLOW is off.
  • To allow the user to follow and PC you again, click Un-Foe.
  • NOTE: The chat group staff will still be able to private chat with you.
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