Vier op 'n rij

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Vier op 'n rij is een xat spel waarmee je het klassiek "connect 4" spel met een andere gebruiker kunt spelen.

Vier op 'n rij spelen

Om een spel te beginnen, open eerst de applicatie door aan de linkerkant van de chatbox op "Games" te klikken. Daarna, begin een privé-chat met een gebruiker die de applicatie al heeft geopend. Elke gebruiker kan de eerste zet doen.

  • To play against another user, you can private chat any user who also has the app open. Either of you can make the first move. If the timer runs out, you will risk losing the game as your opponent will be given another turn.
  • To play against the in-game bot, make sure you are not in a private chat and select "Play Solo" on the main screen. If playing solo, you have to make the first move unless the timer expires or you reset the game, in which case the bot will make the first move.
  • Note: The "Play Solo" option, timer, and statistics are exclusive to the HTML5 version of the game. The HTML5 version is not cross-compatible with the Flash version.

Hoe speel ik Vier op 'n rij?

To play Four in a row, each player will take turns dropping discs (either yellow or red) into the grid. You have to get 4 of your discs in a row either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. The game ends when either user gets four in a row.


You can view your win/loss record by clicking the chart icon at the top right-hand corner of the main screen.

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