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gback.png (GBACK) - Standart bir arka plan ifadesi ayarlayin EPIK GRUP GÜCÜ

Gback kullanicilar icin sitenizin arka planina standart ifade ekleme olanagi sagliyor, böylelikle kullanicilar istedikleri ifadeleri kullanabilirler, eger kullanici kendi ifadesini veya efekti arkada kullanmak istemiyorsa.

Gscol is required for Gback to function.

Gback is only for "smiley backs". For example (ogre) is an ogre shape, (bby) is the shape of a baby. Some smilies that have effects but not backs will work e.g. confetti, however, they will appear behind the smiley. Most smilies do not work as a Gback. All the smilies below will work, so it is reccomended that you use them.

To use Gback, type "#" followed by the back you want in the Gscol box. For example, if you want to use ogre backed smileys, type #ogre in the Gscol box.

  • If you want to use Gscol to set a default color along with your custom back, put the color code before the Gback code. For example, type 00ff00#ogre in the Gscol box to set the default smileys to be dark green with an ogre back. For more information on changing the color, see the Gscol article.

It's a known issue that app icons (e.g. youtube icon that appears next to your name when you open youtube player) have the gback effects. This is unavoidable.

Available Gbacks