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gscol.png (GSCOL) - Group smiley colour GROUP POWER

GSCol is a GROUP power that allows you to change the default colour of all smilies on your chat.

  • To use GSCol, assign the power to your group. This is achieved by posting the smiley on the chat, clicking it, and click "Assign."
  • Next, you need a main owner to go to the Chat Box Settings. To go to the chat box settings, click the Edit Your Chat button right above the Sign Out button. Then, click on Extra Features on the top right corner(skip this if a new tab already opened).
  • Find GSCol, and click the box next to it. If it is not clickable, then it was not assigned correctly and you will need to try again.
  • Enter the hexadecimal colour code in the larger box next to GSCol. Click here to pick a colour code. xat colour codes may also be used, for example rb++, which will give you pink.
  • Lastly, go to the bottom of the Chat Box Settings page and click "Update these options" at the bottom. Your chat should now have differently coloured smilies.
  • This power is required for GBack to be used. For more information on GBack, visit article on Gback.