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gsound.png (GSOUND) - Adjust default sounds for your chatroom GROUP POWER
  • This power allows you to change the default sounds when you send a message or a user sends a message or when someone gets into the chat.
  • This power will be controlled via group power options.
  • Be sure you only put the name of the audie - no # in front of it.
  • There are 3 options when you edit the power. They are explained below.
  • Message sound is when everybody talks, even you, on the chat, it does not matter if it's the main chat, or the private chat. As long as you have one of them open, every message that you receive will have the same sound.
  • User sound is made when someone gets into the chat.
  • Tab sound is when one of the tabs gets green, meaning someone spoke or they tickled you. Even when the Main tab turns green, you get this sound.

At the time of writing BUMP is not yet changeable.