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===<embed src="http://xat.com/images/sm/halloween.swf" flashvars="f=1" quality="high" bgcolor="#ffffff" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" align="middle" width="25" height="25"> (halloween) - smilies Halloween '''''LIMITADO'''''===
=== {{image|halloween}} (HALLOWEEN) - Halloween Smilies '''''LIMITED''''' ===
*'''Smilies are:''' (halloween) (pknlaugh) (tort) (pkn) (wh) (frk) (mmy) (cdn) (grim) (tomb) (bat) (ghost) (dig) (die)
Smilies Halloween y efectos. Smileys son: (halloween) (ghost) (grim) (tomb) (bat) (pkn) (cdn) (mmy) (frk) (wh) (pknlaugh) (dig) (die) (tort).
pkn y tomb pueden usarse como un smiley de fondo ej (d#tomb) (yum#pkn)
Si tienes Num power, puedes escribir en smiley tomb ej (tomb#num#numrip)
smilies adicionales: (die) (dig) (pknlaugh) (tort)

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halloween.png (HALLOWEEN) - Halloween Smilies LIMITED

  • Smilies are: (halloween) (pknlaugh) (tort) (pkn) (wh) (frk) (mmy) (cdn) (grim) (tomb) (bat) (ghost) (dig) (die)
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