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hat.png (HAT) - إضافة البيدق الخاص بك في قبعة

السلطة قبعة تقدم القدرة على وضع البنود الخاصة على البيدق الخاص بك. 'لإستخدام هذه، ضع التعليمات البرمجية في اسمك. حساسية الموضوع.'


Copy a code from one of the lists below and add it to your name. Hat codes are case sensitive.


Some hats can be colored. To color a hat, add the color's hex or letter-based code to the end of the hat code. For example, in (hat#r#ff0000) the "r" stands for the rabbit ears hat, and "#ff0000" is the color's hex code.

The Party, Santa, Single and Uncle Sam hats cannot be colored.


Some power-specific and limited hats can be combined with default ones. Combinable hats have an "h" in their code. To combine hats, replace the "h" with a default hat code. For example, (hat#tc) would combine the baseball cap and Classic power-specific hats.

قائمة القبعات

Power-specific hat codes

Below is a list of power-specific codes. Opposed to the default hat codes, these require Hat and another specific power to function.

ملاحظه: ان لم تكن تريد أستخدام البيضه الذهبيه, تستطيع فى تلك الحاله الغاء تفعيل allpowers

  • 'ملاحظة: القلب المكسور لا يمكن أن يستخدم إذا كنت متزوجا أو لديك BFF.'
  • You can replace the h in all of the EveryPower codes with a default hat code, such as an egg or a tophat. (hat#Epa) would produce a purple EveryPower pawn with a tophat.
  • Likewise, you can replace the h in all of the Everypower codes with a limited time hat code, such as (hat#EphL).

Collection pawns

The hat power also allows you to use the pawns from Collection powers. Visit Collections for more information and for a list of all Collection powers and their additional pawns.

Limited hats are released with every new power and are available for a limited time only before they are deactivated.

أدناه، سوف تجد قائمة من الرهن النشطة حاليا.

The (hat#hL) hat code will be set to a new limited pawn every week, and you can use this code so that you do not need to keep updating it yourself (marked with a * below).