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Igrajte hearts(srca)

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hearts.png (HEARTS) - Igrajte hearts(srca) GRUPNI POWER

Hearts power allows you to play the classic hearts game with up to 4 players, including the host, on a chat.

Starting the game and controlling the game bot

To start a game of Hearts, you must first bring the game bot to your chat by opening the Hearts application, and typing "!bot" in main chat.

After bringing the game bot, you can add players to the game. To add a player, open a private chat with them and click on their xavi in the application. Make sure they have the application open or you will not be able to add them.

Once you've added the other players, you can start the game by either typing "!play" in main chat, or clicking on the resume icon at the bottom right of the application. If you do not have 4 players, a bot will be assigned to each missing player.

The host can pause the game at any time by typing "!pause" in main chat. To resume, type "!play" or click on the resume icon at the bottom right of the application. The host is also able to change the default amount of points a user must reach before a game ends by typing "!end" followed by the amount of points a user must reach, for example "!end 10".

If you want to set a prize, you must first transfer xats to the game bot. You can set the amount of xats the winner will receive via the "prize" command, for example "!prize 25" would award 25 xats to the winner.

Game information

Below you will find basic information about the game. Click here if you would like to see a more in-depth strategy guide, as well as some secret tips.

The objective of Hearts is to end up with the least amount of points by the end of the game. The game ends whenever a player reaches the maximum amount of points, as mentioned above. In a normal game of hearts, all 52 cards are split evenly between four players, resulting in each player having 13 cards.

Before the game starts, each player chooses three of their cards to pass to their left. Players normally wish to give away their "bad cards", such as kings, queens, or aces. Once each player has passed three cards, the player who owns the 2 of Clubs starts the game.

Once the 2 of Clubs is played, the player to the hosts' left must play a club. If they do not have a club, they may play another suit. (Note: on the very first trick, you are not allowed to play a heart card.) Next, the player to their left must play a club. Again, if they do not have a club, they may play another suit. Finally, the fourth player must play one of their clubs. The same rules apply as above. Once the first trick has finished, the second trick will start and all four players will then pass their cards to the right. During the beginning of the third trick, the three cards that you wish to give away are passed across the table. Finally, on the fourth trick of the game, players do not pass any cards at the beginning of the trick.

What is a "trick"?

A trick is the set of four cards in the middle of the table, one card coming from each of the four players. In the very first trick, the 2 of Clubs is always the first card. No player is permitted to play a heart card in the very first trick. After that, the next player will play a card, and the circle continues. Keep in mind, after the first trick is completed, the next one cannot start with a heart until the hearts are broken.

In simple terms, a heart cannot be played as the first suit in a trick until a player cannot follow suit. For example, if a player starts the trick with a club, and the next player in line cannot play a club, they're allowed to play a heart. Now, the hearts are broken. This move is only allowed to happen after the very first trick has been completed.

Who takes the trick?

Whoever played the highest valued card in the pile takes the trick. If the trick contains hearts, each one is worth one point. Likewise, if the trick contains the Queen of Spades, then that is worth 13 points. The highest valued card is an Ace, with the King following behind, then the Queen, and then the Jack. This means that two is the lowest valued card.

After 13 tricks have been completed, points are totalled and the process starts again. Remember, each heart is worth one point and the Queen of Spades is worth 13. Once a player reaches 100 points, the game is declared over and the player with the lowest amount of points wins. As mentioned above, the host of the game is able to change the amount of points required to end the game by typing "!end" in the chat.

Shooting the Moon

Shooting the moon is the high risk, high reward part of Hearts. If at the end of the trick, one person has accumulated all 13 hearts and the Queen of Spades, their points are reset to 0 and every other player in the game receives 26 points.

The end of the game

It's possible that by the time a player reaches 100 points, two players are tied for the lowest amount of points. If this happens, and one player is a computer, then the human wins. If both players are humans, then the game is declared as a draw, and a new game begins.

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