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The xat website has evolved a lot since its creation in 1998. The timeline below provides a short summary of its history.


xat was first founded as an Image Optimizer that allowed people to convert, resize and edit their images. One of the key features of the Image Optimizer was Digimarc digital watermarking that added copyright information to images.

xat.com - 1998
xat Image Optimizer - 1998


The Image Optimizer became complex over time with more tools such as MagiCompression that can halve the size of images automatically.

xat.com - 2000


"xatShow" was invented to make image slideshows and screensavers with various effects. It also allowed Flash or Java slideshows for websites and on your TV by using DVD or CD players.

Later on, WebSpeed Simulator was created to help design more efficient web pages by previewing your web page at the speed of real world dial-up connections.

xatshow - 2001
xat webspeed simulator - 2001


The first rebranding of xat.com occurred. "xatquiz" was made to play and make your own quizzes that can be uploaded for others or burned to a DVD.

xatquiz - 2005


Rebranding occurred again with a focus on chat boxes and web gear, described as "Free stuff for your website. Get a free poll, chat, room, quiz, slideshow and room 101 for your web site or MySpace.". This was considered the first introduction to chat boxes, which also included smilies. The Lobby chat room was created as the first "group".

xat.com - 2006


Lobby, Ignition, Flirt and Illusion were the first chatrooms to be created and advertised as actual groups. By late summer, xat was rebranded again to become a social network. Chat audies, the xat wiki and the community forum were introduced. Towards the end of 2007, the site was generally known for being very social through the promotion of various chats and going through insane growth of people.

Flirt chat group - 2007
xat.com - 2007
xat forum - 2007


The ticket system was created for users to contact xat volunteers and admins concerning their accounts. By spring, subscriptions for xats and the transfer feature was introduced. Ultra smilies and kisses were also available to subscribed users.

Towards the end of the year, the group directory & universe page listed every chat that was ever made.

xat ticket system - 2008


Powers were introduced which lead to the creation of the trade engine and more demand for xat subscriptions. Purple was released as xat's first epic power.

Later on, Allpowers was established as a set of powers that gives you some extra abilities on the chat.

xat's first mobile platform (m.xat.com) was introduced, but was later scrapped for a mobile app instead. In September, xat officially launched a twitter page to share news and updates.

A new security feature, account locking, was added to block any login attempts that are not coming from your home location.

Powers store - 2009
m.xat.com - 2009
xat twitter - 2009
Xathistory-powers.png Mira todos los powers que fueron lanzados en 2009

xat lanzó un total de 59 powers (13 limitado, 45 ilimitado, 1 Características)

Powers con smiley (14)
Limitado: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Halloween, Fruit, Angel, Six, Diamond, Heart
Ilimitado: Anime, Sport, Costumes, Hairf, Hairm, Hands
Características (1)
Peones (1)
Ilimitado: Pink
Powers épicos (1)
Ilimitado: Purple
Powers con función (42)
Limitado: Snowy, Gag, Fade, Boot, Clear
Ilimitado: Stick, Count, Status, Hush, Num, Radio, Mute, Dood, Ttth, Sinbin, Guestself, Invisible, Superkick, Show, Octogram, Hexagon, Cycle, Nameglow, Square, Animate, Shuffle, Light, Blue, Green, Red, Hat, Tempmod, Nopc, Reghide, Noaudies, Mirror, Invert, Nofollow, Zoom, Mod8, Subhide, Topman


The first group power, Banish, was released in store.

Moreover, xat released the supporter group power which lets you support your favourite chat group. Groups with the most assigned supporters appear at the top of the supported groups page on xat's homepage.

Supported groups - 2010
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2010

xat lanzó un total de 50 powers (18 limitado, 32 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (15)
Limitado: Ugly, Angry, Shocker, Adventure, Summer, Independence, Scifi, Military, Easter, Irish, Valentine
Ilimitado: Fantasy, Silly, Circus, Party
Peones (1)
Ilimitado: Blueman
Powers épicos (1)
Ilimitado: Namecolor
Powers de Grupo (21)
Limitado: Gkkitty, Gkbear, Fairy, Feast, Horror, Blastde, Gkaliens
Ilimitado: Love, Gscol, Link, Winter, Blastkick, Bad, Blastban, Blastpro, Sea, Gcontrol, Supporter, Gline, Gkaoani, Banish
Powers con función (12)
Ilimitado: Barge, Single, Mint, Rapid, Flag, Tickle, Tempown, Bump, Nopm, Flashrank, Tempmem, DX


Gifts were created for users to send presents and cards to other users, and being able to view them through the gift application on the chat.

Bot power was introduced for users to connect their own bot to their chatroom.

Gifts application - 2011
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2011

xat lanzó un total de 47 powers (25 limitado, 2 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (26)
Limitado: Newyear, Sparta, Reindeer, Snowman, Manga, Kdog, Carve, Kchick, School, Nerd, Stoneage, Flower, Candy, Beach, Work, Wildwest, Outfit, Sins, Unwell, Hero
Ilimitado: Peace, Punch, Kpeng, Dance, Space, Zodiac
Peones (1)
Limitado: Gold
Powers épicos (1)
Ilimitado: Gback
Powers de Grupo (12)
Limitado: Spooky, Matchban, Spaceban, Gkpanda
Ilimitado: Santa, Mazeban, Bot, Snakeban, Banpool, Animal, Rankpool, Announce
Powers con función (7)
Ilimitado: Dunce, Away, Silentm, Zap, Events, Music, Spin


Facebook login was available during this time that showed a Facebook icon next to your homepage however, this was scrapped later on. Account authentication was also available for more account security.

Furthermore, xavi feature was added to create custom face avatars, allowing for much customization through a selection of different head shapes, hairstyles, eyes etc and games such as doodlerace, matchrace, snakerace and spacewar were released for even more entertainment.

EveryPower was made, giving you a ruby pawn if you have at least one of each power that xat has released but it was later changed to an Emerald pawn.

The auction system was finally made for users to bid for unique identification numbers (IDs) and powers.

Xavi application - 2012
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2012

xat lanzó un total de 48 powers (30 limitado, 17 ilimitado, 1 Características)

Powers con smiley (34)
Limitado: Quest2, Claus, Treefx, Vampyre, Drop, Clockfx, Pony, Poker, Kpig, Aliens, Olympic, Whirlfx, Drip, Vortexfx, Kbee, Nursing, Fuzzy, Blobby, Ksheep, Kat, Movie, Carnival, Kduck, Spy, Can
Ilimitado: Glitterfx, Quest, Speech, Moustache, Jail, Spiralfx, Monster, Heartfx, Magicfx
Características (1)
Powers de Grupo (8)
Limitado: SpaceWar, MatchRace
Ilimitado: Lang, SnakeRace, DoodleRace, Gsound, Reverse, Codeban
Powers con función (5)
Limitado: Burningheart, Zip, Pulsefx
Ilimitado: Typing, Topspin


xat's website was revamped, using the Bootstrap framework which is the most popular HTML, CSS and JS framework.

Due to the strong diversity on the site, the translate system was developed on the wiki so that users of all cultures and languages can understand.

xat.com - 2013
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2013

xat lanzó un total de 56 powers (28 limitado, 28 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (42)
Limitado: Hogmanay, Celebrate, Winterland, Blackfriday, Froggy, Piracy, Halloween2, Scary, Ani1, Eggy, Kdemon, Kangel, Fruities, Romance, Cuboid, Cactus, Wedding, Hair2f, Seaside, Kcow, Kfox, Eggs, Spring, Stylist, Kheart, Makeup, Eighties, Kmouse
Ilimitado: Toys, Noel, Autumn, Weather, Sticky, Marriage, Phasefx, Fourth, Germ, Super, Sketch, Hands2, Kmonkey, Zombie
Powers de Grupo (6)
Ilimitado: Zwhack, Redirect, Darts, Switch, Hearts, Vote
Powers con función (8)
Ilimitado: Badge, Kickall, Slotban, Statusglow, Led, Nuclear, Foe, Xavi


The default smiley bar and free smilies were updated, giving a new stylized and fresh look.

Smilies clásicos y nuevos - 2014
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2014

xat lanzó un total de 50 powers (29 limitado, 21 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (41)
Limitado: Holidays, Reveal, Gamefx2, Blueoni, Creepy, Trickortreat, Ksun, Kmoon, Chocolate, Bird, Instruments, Blubunni, Coolz, Cutie, Ballfx, Gamefx, Hamster, Coffee, Springy, Butterflies, Snail, Tongues, Luck, Cupcake, Ladybug, Arachnid, Farm, Cooking
Ilimitado: Lunar, Icebucket, Jump, Magic, Winner, Rocks, Worldcup, Dreams, Easteregg, Bitefx, Random, Sweetheart, Divorce
Powers épicos (1)
Ilimitado: Statuscolor
Powers de Grupo (4)
Ilimitado: Manage, Summerflix, Eventstats, Springflix
Powers con función (4)
Limitado: Yellowcard
Ilimitado: Size, Pcback, Naughtystep


El power ME se estableció para una mayor personalización a través de los xatspaces de los usuarios, casi sin marca de xat y mucho más espacio de CSS.

Choirhug fue lanzado como el primer power de hug, con clips de animación que se pueden enviar en el chat principal o en el chat privado.

Mobilebeta permitía a los usuarios participar en el las pruebas de la versión de móvil de xat para los dispositivos de Android, pero ahora, sólo es un power de smiley regular.

Choirhug - 2015
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2015

xat lanzó un total de 50 powers (36 limitado, 14 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (40)
Limitado: Ornaments, Beautifly, Tigers, Witch, Allhallows, Kstar, Roosters, Kandle, Glob, Reaper, Planets, Lions, Transport, Poke, Microbe, Shells, Vacation, Aquatic, Ceebear, Gothic, Aliblue, Shinobi, Floral, Eco, Beastie, Clouds, Tv, Birthday, Valfx, Amore, Jewelry, Retro, Egyptian
Ilimitado: Precious, Me, Balloonfx, Pets, Mobilebeta, Easterlove, Oids
Powers épicos (2)
Limitado: Big
Ilimitado: Redcard
Powers de Grupo (1)
Ilimitado: Backup
Powers con función (4)
Ilimitado: Ranklock, Nick, Supercycle, Offset
Hug powers (3)
Limitado: Fireworkshug, Sleighhug
Ilimitado: Choirhug


Tanto las aplicaciones de Android como las de iOS fueron lanzadas en la tiendas de apps, proporcionando una plataforma móvil para xat con funciones como notificaciones de chats privados, grupos favoritos, tienda de powers y más.

La comunidad del foro fue actualizada con un nuevo aspecto moderno con mejores notificaciones, función de club para los usuarios, una sección para reportar los bugs, y mucho más.

Para celebrar el décimo aniversario de xat, más de 600 peones limitados estuvieron disponibles, así como 42 nuevos smilies gratuitos.

xat mobile app (iOS & Android) - 2016
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2016

xat lanzó un total de 50 powers (35 limitado, 15 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (19)
Limitado: Sparklefx, Gobble, Cadet, Elephant, Kwolf, Summerland, Worm, Animegirl, Koala, Onion, Caterpillar, Mining, Lovemix, Paints, Ricebowl, Electricity, Masks
Ilimitado: Comics, Earthday
Powers épicos (3)
Ilimitado: Nameflag, Namewave, Namegrad
Powers con hug (24)
Limitado: Battle, Christmix, Funfair, Graveyard, Boo, Fall, Meow, Popcorns, Aprincess, Tooth, Diva, Chores, Mom, Fools, Ebunny, Patrick
Ilimitado: Fireworksfx, Tropicalxmas, Classic, Ten, Summerhug, Songkran, Easterland, Lovehug
Powers con jinx (4)
Limitado: Spacejinx, Eggjinx
Ilimitado: Hangjinx, Jumblejinx


El Facebook de xat fue oficialmente lanzado, un proyecto dirigido por voluntarios con la ayuda de la comunidad. La idea era que fuera lo contrario al twitter de xat, publicando más publicaciones interactivas y actualizaciones de la comunidad.

Se inició el desarrollo de HTML5, un cambio qué fue necesario debido a que flash se está quedando obsoleto rápidamente.

xat facebook - 2017
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2017

xat lanzó un total de 53 powers (33 limitado, 20 ilimitado)

Powers con smiley (34)
Limited: Xmasfactory, Kxmas, Fitness, Yoga, Plants, Skull, Owlie, Firefx, Nightmare, Cuticorn, Kloud, Minimon, Ghostmon, Splashfx, Drawn, Eggie, Hedgehog, Ribunny, Anichick, Foolsday, Toad, Spacefx, Mousie, Kgiraffe, Lovemix2, Mountain, Kaoears
Ilimitado: Puppy, Travel, Fiesta, Broadcaster, Fishbowl, Neon, Lovefx
Peones (1)
Ilimitado: Ruby
Group powers (1)
Ilimitado: Superblastban
Function powers (8)
Ilimitado: Goodfriend, PCBR, Mark, Flgpwn, Silentban, Sline, Rapidreason, X2D
Powers con hug (9)
Limitado: Halloscroll, Octo, Kveggie, Kawaii, Earth, Lovetest
Ilimitado: Flaghug, Xmasscroll, Wish


El HTML5 beta fue lanzado al publico, que en comparación con flash, tiene una disminución significativa en el lag y características como: las notificaciones del navegador, una nueva lista de powers, un cuadro de edición con vista previa en vivo y mucho más.

xat introdujo super powers, que son conjuntos de poderes actuales que necesitas para hacer una colección. La colección te permite la habilidad de usar peones antiguos. Superanime fue el primer colección de super power.

Más tarde, se lanzó una interfaz en la web de inicio de xat y en los chats de HTML5 que le dieron a zar un nuevo aspecto moderno.

A finales del 2018 el power Appbot fue lanzado ,permitiendo a los usuarios crear aplicaciones y juegos para que sean ejecutados en el chat a través de la nueva aplicación de Canvas en HTML5.

xat HTML5 chat - 2018
xat.com - 2018
Xathistory-powers.png See all powers released in 2018

xat lanzó un total de 48 powers (27 limitado, 17 ilimitado, 4 colecciones)

Powers con smiley (33)
Limitado: Kactus, Snowflake, Wigs, Kcar, Glasses, Gorilla, Gesture, Suspense, Slimefx, Ktree, Raccoons, Glitch, Portalfx, Koffee, Baghead, Guineapig, Kitcup, Birdie, Hippos, Patrickfx, Accessory, Illusionfx, Nuts, Dragons, Sqanimal
Ilimitado: Swordfx, Piggy, Muertos, Eyeeye, Money, Seasons, Bestfriend, Samba
Powers de Grupo (2)
Ilimitado: Rankscroll, Superblastkick
Powers con función (6)
Ilimitado: Appbot, Faceoff, Opacity, Pcplus, Hats, Botstat
Colecciones (4)
Superxmas, Superhalloween, Supersummer, Superanime
Powers con hug (3)
Limitado: Pizzas, Heartbreak
Ilimitado: Cups