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horror.png (HORROR) - Horror Flix LIMITADO

El power Horror te permite añadir flix (fondos animados) a tu chat.

Mientras más powers asignados tengas, más flixes se desbloquean.

  • 1 power = Flix deEsqueleto
  • 2 powers = Flix de Ojos
    • Opciones: 0-3 para ojos diferentes.
  • 4 powers = Flix de Caldera
  • 8 powers = Flix de Bruja
  • 16 powers = Flix de Sangre
  • 32 powers = Flix de Halloween
    • Opciones: 1 para quitar la calabaza.

Nota:El viejo (horror) ahora es (aghast).

Este power también viene con 6 fondos que pueden ser usados.

Pre-Visualización de Flix

Changing Flix settings

Effect: Choose which horror themed flix animation to add to your chat. You can choose from: Skeleton, Eyes, Cauldron, Witch, Blood and Halloween.

Colors: Change the color of some flixes (not all of them are changeable). Example: r#g or FF00FF#0000FF. You can go to color-picker to find your own colors.

Horizontal offset (%): Change how far left or right the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Vertical offset (%): Change how far up or down the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Scale (%): Change the size of the flix. Minimum value of 1 and maximum of 1000.

Background: Change which horror themed background to show on your chat. You can choose from: None, Moon, Web, Haunted, Graveyard, Horror and Halloween.

Option: Change pre-set details about certain flixes. Eyes has options 0-3 and Halloween has an option of 1.



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