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hush.png (HUSH) - Temporarily stop users from chatting

Hush allows main owners and owners to Gag all users of a certain rank at once, for up to 60 seconds.


Type /hrD into the main chat, where "r" is the rank you wish to gag, and "D" is the duration (in seconds) that you want to hush the rank, up to a maximum of 60 seconds.

Example: Typing /hm10 into the main chat will gag all members and guests for 10 seconds.

Note: You must be an owner or above to use hush.


  • g will gag guests
  • m will gag members and guests
  • d will gag moderators, members and guests
  • o will gag owners and all lower ranks (this option requires you to be a main owner)


/hg30 will gag all guests for 30 seconds.
/ho60 will gag all owners, moderators, members and guests for 60 seconds.


The hush power smiley has an added functionality that allows it to be used as a timer. To do this, add #wS to the end of the smiley, where "S" is the number of seconds for the sand to drain out.

Example: (hush#w20) means the sand would run out after 20 seconds.

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