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lang.png (LANG) - Customize your chat's language GROUP POWER

Lang power allows you to create a custom language for your chat. There are currently 269 features that you can customize; this includes, but is not limited to, the titles of ranks, bans, get a chatbox, sign in etc.


  • To use this power, assign it to your chat. In your chats extra features page, you will have the ability to change the language of some features. Click the “Edit” button beside the Lang power to edit all the features. Click “OK” when finished. Don’t forget to click the “Update these options” button to save your changes.
  • Note: For proper use, make sure you leave $1, $2, $3 and $4 in the word title that you have chosen. These are used to identify several different things, e.g. name of a user, amount of xats/days/hours. An example is: I have Outlawed $1 for $2 hours. Reason: $3, where $1 would be the name of the user, $2 would be the amount of hours and $3 would be the reason used.
  • For kicking: I have kicked $1 Reason $2, e.g I have Stomped on $1 Because: $2 where $1 is the user and $2 is the reason. These strings are similar throughout each kick or ban option.
  • Be advised: All words or title changes must be appropriate and abide by the xat Terms of Service. If you plan on promoting your chat; the language you use must be understandable otherwise you risk your chat being taken off promotion and possibly blocked from further promotion.
  • If your chat group is not appropriate then it will be at risk of being delisted and deleted by xat. If you abuse this power, you will lose it without any refund.
  • Phrases must have a similar meaning and not be confusing.

Having trouble with ban messages?

If the ban message shows every time you dunce etc. somebody, you must ensure the following:

  • 258: banned
  • 119: I have banned $1 forever for no reason.
  • 120: I have banned $1 for $2 hours for no reason.
  • 121: I have banned $1 forever. Reason: $2.
  • 122: I have banned $1 for $2 hours. Reason: $3.

The word "banned" in 119-122 must match 258. So if you want ban messages to say "Jailed", you must do:

  • 258: Jailed
  • 119: I have Jailed $1 forever for no reason.
  • 120: I have Jailed $1 for $2 hours for no reason.
  • 121: I have Jailed $1 forever. Reason: $2.
  • 122: I have Jailed $1 for $2 hours. Reason: $3.
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