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xat Live is an experimental feature being tested, please report glitches and suggestions to For assistance go to

What is it for?[edit]

xatLive is a special mode for xat boxes for online events. It allows easy management of chats with large numbers [100,000s] of spectators. Applications include:

  • Shows
  • Debates
  • Meetings
  • Lectures
  • Reporting
  • Live Blogging
  • Special Events
  • Guest Appearances
  • Questions and Answers

How does it work?[edit]

Members, Moderators and Owners are participants in the chat just like a normal xat box. Guests are spectators who can view the chat but cannot post messages directly. They are shown on the user list as a number of spectators. Owners approve questions and comments sent in by spectators.

When you run the xat box in live mode, owners can open up and view the live panel by pressing the live button (which replaces the groups button bottom right on the xat box). When guests send a comment or message it appears on the live panel. Icons by each guest messages allow owners to:

  • add the message to the main chat for the participants to be able to discuss or comment on
  • make the user a member, allowing them to become a participant (chat without any further approving)
  • ban the user so you don't see further messages from them
  • delete the message

Activating Live Mode[edit]

To activate live mode go to: Edit Your Chat -> Extra Features... -> Update And Get Code -> Extra Chat Box Features / Other Options

Check this check box Live mode: 100,000s can watch the chat as spectators.

Note: xat Live is not recommended for most chats as visitors may find it frustrating if they can't chat. It could however be used as a different sort of members only chat. It could also be used as a bullet proof protect mode if your chat is being attacked.


Ease of Use[edit]

  • Familiar and intuitive user interface
  • Built with Flash so no need for downloads to view your event
  • Guests can become spectators and send messages without the need to enter create an account, username or password

Management and Control[edit]

  • Easy management via the live panel
  • You decide what is published to your site or who can publish.


  • The xat box can easily embedded in your owner site or blog
  • It can be removed and returned to your site as easily as a line of text
  • It can also be accessed on a page e.g. (see Groups)

Reliable and Scalable[edit]

  • Built on xat's messaging technology that currently serves millions of people each month