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love.png (LOVE) - Love-themed Flix and smilies GROUP POWER

The LOVE power allows you to add flix (animated backgrounds) to your chat.

The more Love powers assigned, the more flixes you unlock.

  • 1 power = BE MY VALENTINE flix
  • 2 powers = TWO HEARTS flix
  • 4 powers = I LOVE YOU flix
  • 8 powers = MULTI HEART flix
  • 16 powers = HAPPY VALENTINE flix
  • 32 powers = SMILEY HEART flix

SMILEY HEART flix allows you to add basic smilies into a heart shape, smilies like (rose), (beat), (D), (smile), etc. To change, add your smile into the box (smiley). Example: beat.

Note: The old (love) is now (inlove).

Flix previews

Changing Flix settings

Effect: Choose which love-themed flix animation to add to your chat. You can choose from: Be my Valentine, Two hearts, I love you, Multi heart, Happy Valentine and Smiley heart.

Background: N/A.

Colors: Change the color of some flixes (not all of them are changeable). Example: r#g or FF00FF#0000FF. You can go to color-picker to find your own colors.

Horizontal offset (%): Change how far left or right the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Vertical offset (%): Change how far up or down the flix is placed. Minimum value of -100 and maximum of +100.

Scale (%): Change the size of the flix. Minimum value of 5 and maximum of 1000.

Smiley: Change the smiley shown in the Smiley heart flix.

Options (checkboxes): Love flixes have two options that can be toggled: No background and No text.


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