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Leer de essentials van xat-mobiel.

Hoe join ik een chatgroep?

(voorbeeld 1) Links voor iOS, rechts voor Android.

Om een chatgroep te joinen, tik je op het "Groepen" icoontje (voorbeeld 1) en dan kun je wisselen tussen de "Uitgelicht" en "Populair" tabbladen om een groep te vinden die je misschien leuk zal vinden. Als je een specifieke groep in gedachten hebt, dan kun je ook op de vergrootglasje in de linkerbovenhoek van het scherm tikken om groepen te zoeken.

Hoe vind ik andere mensen om mee te praten?

Om andere mensen te vinden om mee te praten, tik op het "Groepen" icoontje (voorbeeld 1) en navigeer door de verschillende secties om een chatgroep te vinden die je interesseert.

If you do not find anything, you can also search by tapping the magnifying glass icon at the top left and entering a keyword related to what kind of groups you are looking for.

Hoe stuur ik een bericht?

(voorbeeld 2) Links voor iOS, rechts voor Android.

After you've joined a group, you will be taken back to the "Chats" tab (example 2) where you can tap the chat you just joined to open the group interface. To send a message, tap the gray input box at the bottom of the screen and type out your message and tap the "return" key to send it.

How do I know if I've been kicked or banned?

If you were kicked, you will see a message displaying that you have been kicked, along with a message explaining why. You will also be signed out of the chat and unable to connect unless you navigate to the "Chats" tab (example 2), tap "Edit" at the top right and remove the chat and re-add it via the "Groups" tab (example 1).

If you were banned, you will see a message stating that you have been banned for a number of hours with a message explaining why. You will be unable to type in main chat and unable to private message or private chat users who do not have you added as a friend. On mobile, you will still see your messages in main chat, however other users will not.

If you believe you were banned or kicked unfairly, you may report it to a user of a higher rank, or to the main owner. If no action is taken then the higher ranked user probably agrees with the punishment and you will have to accept and learn from it, or wait out your ban time respectively.

Hoe verander ik mijn naam, beeld, en huispagina?

(voorbeeld 3) Links voor iOS, rechts voor Android.

Om je naam, afbeelding of huispagina te veranderen, tik je op het "Me" icoontje (voorbeeld 4) en vul je gewenste naam, afbeelding of huispagina in. Tik op "Save" (Opslaan) om je wijzigingen op te slaan.

Een profiel bekijken

Om iemands profiel te zien, tik op hun naam op de chat of de gebruikerslijst.

How do I reset my ID/user data?

Om een nieuw ID te krijgen, moet je afmelden bij de applicatie. Tik op de "Afmelden" knop in de linkerbovenhoek van de scherm, en dan op "Bevestigen" op de dialoog die verschijnt. De applicatie zal je vragen om je aan te melden of het zal je een nieuwe account laten registreren.

Hoe krijg ik mijn eigen xat-chatgroep?

Helaas kun je momenteel geen chatgroepen maken via de applicatie.

How do I turn off automatically sign in?

You cannot turn off automatic sign in on the application and when you open the application you will be signed into the most recent chat you visited and did not close.

Hoe kan ik een gebruiker blokkeren/deblokkeren?

There is no way to totally block a user. However, xat does have an ignore feature.

To ignore a user, either tap their name on the chat window, or via the user list and then tap "ignore". This will suppress any messages, private messages, private chats, kisses etc that they send.

Note: Ignore expires after 12 hours.

How do I Private Message a user

To private message a user, either tap their name on the chat window or via the user list and tap "Private Message". Enter the desired message in the box and tap "Send message".

How do I Private Chat a user?

To private chat a user, either tap their name via the chat window or via the user list and tap "Private Chat". Tap on the message box at the bottom of the application and type your message, tap return to send it.

Hoe voeg ik vrienden toe?

(voorbeeld 4) Links voor iOS, rechts voor Android.

To add a user to your friend list, either tap on their name on the chat or via the user list and tap "Add as Friend". To access your friends list, tap the "Friends" icon (example 4).

Hoe gebruik ik emoticons en smileys?

To use emoticons and smilies, you can either use one of the shorthand smilies or a regular smiley. Shorthand smilies are smilies that are not surrounded by parenthesis, for example ":-)" which is shorthand for "(smile)". Not all smilies have a shorthand code. Regular smilies are smilies that are surrounded by parenthesis, for example "(XD)". All shorthand smilies have a regular code as well, with the exception of ":-*".

To add a regular smiley to your message, you can tap the smiley face at the left side of the gray input box and select the first, second or third option which are regular yellow-backed smilies, other smilies and power smilies respectively.

Here is a list of all current shorthand smilies and their related regular smiley:

  • :), :-) - (smile)
  • :d - (biggrin)
  • ;), ;-) - (wink)
  • :o, :-o - (eek)
  • :p - (tongue)
  • 8-) - (cool)
  • :@ - (mad)
  • :s - (confused)
  • :$ - (redface)
  • :(, :-( - (frown)
  • :'( - (crying)
  • |-) - (sleepy)
  • :|, :-| - (rolleyes)
  • :-* - N/A
  • :[, :-[ - (vampire)

Wat betekent de kleuren op de gebruikerslijst?

The colored pawn beside a users' name signifies their chat rank. However, it may be overridden by a power they own or feature they have activated.

Chat rangen


Guest is the default rank that you are automatically given on your first visit to a chat.


Member rank usually given to regular chatters. They also have the ability to post links in main chat.


Moderators can make members, kick, and ban inappropriate visitors for up to 6 hours.

(Hoofd) Eigenaar

Owners can make moderators, kick and permanently ban inappropriate visitors. Main owners can make owners and can edit the chat's settings.


Banned users cannot type messages in main chat or private message or private chat users that do not have them added as a friend.

Ander Poppetjes

Beschikbaar op mobiel
xat medewerkers

Note: Powers such as Gcontrol and Mod8 can increase and decrease the default ban times and change the permissions of each rank.

How can I get help with something else?

You can visit the help chat, or create a general support thread on the forum. Please make sure any forum support threads are posted in English (use translator if necessary).