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namegrad.png (NAMEGRAD) - Gradient namecolor EPIC

Display ime sa gradijentom dve boje.

Rainbow and custom gradient effects with your Namecolor.

You must use at least two colors in your namegrad code, otherwise it will use default colors.

Note: Namecolor and Nameglow are required for Namegrad to function.


An example of a code for a custom gradient (the code is entered into your display name) is (glow#0#grad#r#g#r90), where:

  • glow#0 - Glow effect for your gradient. Replace 0 with a hex code to set a Nameglow, or leave it at 0 for no glow.
  • grad#r#g - Two color gradients, beginning with red and ending with green.
You can use up to 15 colors at once to produce gradient effects.
  • grad#r#g#b#000001#ffffff - In this example, 5 colors are used in the following order: red, green, blue, black then white.
  • r90 - Rotates the gradient 90 degrees clockwise (vertical gradient).
  • s1 - Shifts the gradient to the right. The higher the number, the more it shifts.

To produce a rainbow gradient, simply put (glow#0#grad) in your name.


For better visualization and creation of your code, use this generator.