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|power=namewave|heading= Vågor med Namegrad
|power=namewave|heading= Vågor med Namegrad
|status= epic
|status= EPISK
|info=Wave effects with your Namegrad.
|info=Wave effects with your Namegrad.

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namewave.png (NAMEWAVE) - Vågor med Namegrad EPISK

Wave effects with your Namegrad.

Note: Namegrad, Namecolor, Nameglow and color powers are required for Namewave to function.


Add #o1, #o2, or #o3 in your name for the wave to make different motions.

  • #o1 - The wave will move upward from right to left.
  • #o2 - The wave will move upward from right to left, slightly faster.
  • #o3 - The wave will move upward from right to left, much more faster.

You can control how the angles are by adding #r followed by the size of the angle. The size is limited to +/- 45.

Here are a few code examples:

  • (glow#590539#grad#r-45#FFBAED#E854AF#o1)
  • (glow#590539#grad#r45#FFBAED#E854AF#)

You DON'T need to add #o1 to the code unless you want to change the speed of the power.

Note: You need to disable this power if you want to use Namegrad as a solid color.

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