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Owners can sometimes face difficulties when managing a chat. This guide is here to help everyone from the inexperienced to the experienced owner make the best out of their chat group.

Owning a chat group

How do I create a chat group?

Go to the create a group page and fill out the form. Make sure to use a valid e-mail address when filling out the form, or you won't be able to activate your group. You will need to complete a CAPTCHA, agree to the terms, and check your e-mail for a link to activate your group afterwards. If you don't receive an e-mail, check your spam folder.

How do I buy an existing chat group?

Go to the transfer group page, enter the group name you desire, and click "get cost". If the name is unavailable, a red warning error will appear, and you may choose a different name. If error (6) shows, and you are a paid user, make a ticket under the help topic "Short names and Groups" to get the group name unlocked.

Note: The group must be ownerless for more than 3 months to be transferred.

How do I delete my chat group or room?

While it is not possible to wipe a chat off of xat, it is possible to delete all information off of a chat box, including backgrounds, as well as any edits you have made to the chat. To do this, hover over "group" at the top right and click "customize", enter the group password and go to the "miscellaneous" tab and click "delete". Once you do this, you will receive an e-mail with a link that will allow you to confirm the deletion of your chat. Click on it and your chat information and ownership will be successfully deleted. All information that ties the chat to the main owner will be erased from xat, and the group will be immediately put up for purchase. Please note that the only way to re-gain ownership of a deleted chat is to purchase the chat group from xat.

Note: It may take a couple of hours before the chat becomes completely blank, losing all media, etc.

In the case that the chat group does not become immediately buyable, users may create a ticket under the help department of "Short names and groups" and request that the chat be put back up for sale. You must be a paid user to do this.

What if I forget my chat's password?

Hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize". Then, click "forgot password?", enter the email you used when creating the group and click "submit". A link will be sent to that e-mail with a new password. Use it to access your chat's edit page and change your password to a new one.

Ma pole enam omanik, kuidas end positsioonile taastada?

To regain main ownership of your chat, you will need to log into the edit chat page using the chat group password (not your account password) and go to the "miscellaneous" tab and then click the "get main" button. Your rank should now be restored.

What do I do if someone has wrongfully gained main owner?

If a user has wrongfully become main owner in your chat, you should first reset your chat before regaining main owner. First click the "reset chat" button before clicking the "get main" button. This will make every user in your chat into a guest, as well as unbanning any previously banned user.

Once you've reset your chat, it's recommended that you change your chat password and your e-mail password.

My chat says that it is inactive and for sale. What can I do?

Hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize" then enter the group password or your account password. Scroll to the bottom of the edit group page and click save. This will remove your chat's inactive status.

Customizing your chat group

If you wish to change something about your chat group such as the background, the tabs under the chat, assigned group powers, etc, then hover over "group" at the top right of your chat and click "customize" then enter the group password or your account password.

Note: If you log in with your account password, you will not have access to the miscellaneous and the main owners tabs.

Embedding a chat group

To embed your chat group to your profile or another website, etc, you'll need the embed code. To obtain the embed code, hover over "group" at the top right and click "embed".


The appearance tab allows you to change the appearance of the group page and the chat itself.

Group styles

Background - The outer background that is displayed behind the chat. You can choose a color using the color picker symbol or a direct link to an image to display.

Custom CSS - This feature has been removed in the new website.

xatframe - It is possible to customize your group page using an iframe that contains HTML such as images, text and limited javascript functionality. See the xatframe article for more information.

Chat styles

Background - The inner background that is displayed inside of the chat. You can choose a color using the color picker symbol or a direct link to an image to display.

Button color - This changes the colors of the buttons on the chat. Click here to make your own customized color or here to see a list of color codes. You simply pick the code you want, copy it, and add the color code to change the chat buttons.

Mobile styles

Portrait background - The background that shows on the xat mobile app.

See Images for more information on approved image providers and sizes.


Image of tab editor

This section allows you to manage the tabs under your chat.

Note: Changes to tabs only take effect after clicking the save button.

Creating a tab

To create a tab, use the green plus symbol. It will then become the active tab and you can change the name in the "tab name" field.

Editing an existing tab

Use the "select tab" drop down menu to select the tab you want to edit. Once you select it, it will become the active tab. You can then use the editor to enter the content that you want to show in that tab.

For security reasons, if you want to embed something (like a YouTube video) on your chat tab, you must use xat's "special codes" system. See Special codes for more information.

Deleting an existing tab

Use the "select tab" drop down menu to select the tab you want to delete. Once you select it, click the red "x" symbol and confirm you want to delete the tab.

Backing up and importing tabs

It is possible to back up your tabs and also import tabs from a backup. To do this, click the yellow "backup" symbol to open the backup/import window.


This section allows you to manage general information about the chat such as the description and radio and also enable some extra options.


Group name - The name of your group (you can only change the case of your group name).

Group description - The description of your chat displayed at the top left.

Tags - Tags used to make your chat easier to find.

Language - You can set your group's language via this drop-down menu. This is the language that the group will be shown as around the website (i.e. promotion and features pages).

Radio station - This box allows you to set up a radio on your chat. To do so, enter the radio's URL into the box.

Buddy group - This box allows you to add another group on your chat tab.

Additional options

HTML5 only - If you want your chat to be set for HTML5 as default.

Incognito - If you do not want your chat group to be listed anywhere on xat (i.e. promotion, search, featured, popular and supported pages).

Member only - You can set your chat so that only members and above are allowed to chat there. It is perfect if you want to keep your chat restricted to friends.

Reg and member only - You can also set your group to only allow registered users to chat there, unless they are member or above.

Sub and member only - Set your group to only allow subscribed users to chat there, unless they are member or above.

No storing - This option allows you to have a fresh chat every time that you sign in. No messages will be stored, meaning that any potentially inappropriate messages will not be seen by the arriving members of your chat.

Stricter banning - This option will enable a feature that will try to catch users who unban themselves by gagging them when they sign in. Note: This may affect innocent users who have very similar IP addresses to those who have been banned.

Demonstration of collapsible smiley line.

Empty smiley line - When this option is enabled, the line of smilies above the typing box will become collapsible. It will only appear when you hover over the first smiley.

Disable sounds - This option disables all chat sounds by default.

Transparent background - This option completely removes the inner background of the chat and makes it transparent. This is particularly useful if you want to see the full outer background.

Group powers

This section allows you to manage the group powers that have been assigned to your chat.

Group powers are a special type of power that apply group-wide changes such as smiley sets, flixes and other features.

See the Group Powers article for full information on how to manage group powers.

Main owners

Image of main owner editor

This section allows you to manage the main owners on your group.

Note: This section is only available if you log into the edit group page with the group password.

Adding a main owner

To add a main owner, enter their ID or username into the first box and click the "add" button. You can only add registered users as main owners.

If you add a user via this page, they will be able to access the group settings using their xat account password and you do not need to give them the group password. Users added this way do not have access to the "miscellaneous" and "main owners" tabs.

It is possible to give main owners different permissions (i.e. only access appearance tab) with the Main power. See the article for more information.

Removing a main owner

To remove a main owner, click the red "x" symbol next to their name in the table at the bottom of the page.


This section is only available if you log into the edit group page with the group password.

There are 5 buttons available here:

Manage - Backup/restore users. See Manage for more information.

Change password - Change your chat group's password.

Get main - Add yourself as main owner again.

Reset chat - Reset all the ranks on your chat and make everyone a guest.

Delete group - Delete all chat media and cease ownership of the chat.


Moderaatori/omaniku tööriistakast

Viska välja

Moderaatorid ning omanikud saavad liikmeid ja külalisi hoiatuseks jutukast välja heita (superkick võime olemasolul saab kõrgema positsiooni valdaja välja visata ka moderaatoreid ning omanikke, täpsemalt võimetest siin), vajutades nende nimele ning valides avanevas kastis nupu "Viska välja". Välja viskamiseks peab täitma põhjuselahtri, kuna põhjuseta hoiatamine pole lubatud. Põhjust ning väljavisatavat kuvatakse teatena peakanalis kõikidele jututoas viibijatele. Kui väljavisatav naaseb jututuppa ei saa ta esimesed 15 sekundit sõna võtta.

  • Boot allows moderators and owners to transfer users to other chats.
  • Superkick allows main owners to kick owners, owners to kick moderators, and members to kick banned members/guests.
  • Zap allows moderators and owners to kick using an audie.
  • Dunce allows moderators and owners to add a dunce hat to a user's pawn.
  • Naughtystep allows moderators and owners to limit users' messages to 1 message per 30 seconds in the main pool.
  • Yellowcard allows moderators and owners to add a yellow card icon to a user's pawn.

Välja viskamine väljendub hoiatusena ning selleks peaks alati olema põhjust. Kuvatav põhjus peaks olema korrektselt ning arusaadavalt sõnastatud, siis teavad ka teised, mis on reeglitevastane ning mida peaks tulevikus vältima.


Moderaatorid ning omanikud saavad eemaldada jututoast selle külastajaid, vajutades nende nimele ning valides nupu "Eemalda". Avanevast kastist leiab põhjuselahtri ning ajaperioodi kauaks eemaldatav karistust peab kandma (komakohad on lubatud, seega .5 on võrdeline poole tunniga ning .05 on võrdeline 3 minutiga). Teavet eemaldajast, eemaldatavast ning eemaldamise põhjusest kuvatakse kõigile avalikult peakanalis. Eemaldatavat kuvatakse karistuse vältel jututoas pruunilt ning tema kuvanimi vahetub "Eemaldatud" vastu. Eemaldatud kasutajad näevad endiselt peakanalis kirjutatut (v.a siis, kui jututoas on Banish võime aktiveeritud), kuid pole võimelised ise midagi kirjutama ega külatajatega privaatvestlust algatada (erandina sõbrad).

Moderaator saab eemaldada külastajaid kuni 6-ks tunniks (8-ks Mod8 võime olemasolul või 99-ks, kui jututoa omanik on seda läbi Gcontroli seadistanud), omanikul vaikesättena eemaldamisel piiranguid ei ole, sisestades 0, saab ta karistada aegumatu eemaldusega. Eemalduse saab tühistada, vajutades eemaldatud kasutaja nimele ning valides valiku "Eemaldus maha". Moderaatorid saavad tühistada vaid eemaldusi, mille periood on ajutine ning kelle staatus ei ole kõrgem liikmest.

You can unban a user by clicking on their name, and clicking the "unban" button. By default, moderators can unban anyone as long as they're not banned forever and don't have a higher rank. Moderators and owners can use special powers to change the way that a ban affects a user:

  • Gag allows moderators and owners to gag users up to 1 hour.
  • Mute allows owners to mute users up to 1 hour. On the banned user's screen it won't look like they were banned, but a ban message will be issued for everyone else that is a member or higher in rank.
  • Reverse allows moderators and owners to reverse ban users. This will make the banned user say everything backwards until they get unbanned.
  • Zip allows moderators and owners to zip ban users. This will make all the banned user's messages blank both in main and private chat. They will still be able to use smilies.
  • Redcard allows owners to red card users. If a Redcarded user speaks in the main chat before their Redcard time is finished, they will get banned for 6 (by default) times the time left of their Redcard. A Redcarded user will have a Redcard icon displayed on their pawn.
  • Codeban, Spaceban, Matchban, Snakeban, Mazeban and Slotban allow moderators and owners to ban users with gamebans. This requires a user to complete a mini game to be unbanned. For these, click on a user, and click one of the gamebans instead of ban.

Bans are meant to punish users for their wrongdoings and should be treated as such. It's recommended that you only ban users who really deserve it so that other users do not view you as abusive.

Tee liikmeks

Moderaatorid ning omanikud saavad endast allpool asetsevaid külastajaid liikmeks määrata, vajutades nende nimel ning valides nupu "Tee liikmeks".

Liikmeks saad määrata keda tahes, kuid soovitatav on selle positsiooniga usaldada vaid aktiivseid külastajaid, kes on silma paistnud reeglitekuulelikkusega. Sedasi staatuseid organiseerides annad liikmepositsioonile tähenduse ja hoiad ära ebasobilike ning ohtlike linkide levitamise. Lisaks võimele kõigile nähtavaid linke postitada eristab liiget tavakülastajast talle omase sinise nupu abil, mida kuvab külastajate nimekirjas külalistest kõrgemal.

Kuna xat-is on jututubade loomine imelihtne ning tasuta soovivad paljud omaenda bossid olla, rajades jututubasid ning külastades aktiivsemaid, kus neid reklaamida. Juba reklaamimise vältimiseks, mis võib jututoa aktiivsusele halvasti mõjuda, tuleks liikmestaatust vaid selle väärilistele välja jagada.

Tee moderaatoriks

(Pea)omanikud saavad määrata liikmeid ning külalisi moderaatoriks, vajutades nende nimele ning avanevas kastis nupule "Tee modeks". Moderaatoritel on võime külalisi ning liikmeid jututoast välja visata ja eemaldada kuni kuueks tunniks (8-ks 8mod võime olemasolul või jututoa omaniku määratud ajaperioodiks Gcontrol võime olemasolul), samuti saavad nad kehtiva eemalduse kehtetuks muuda (v.a igavene) ning külalisi liikmeks edutada ja vastupidi (v.a, kui Gcontrolis teisiti defineeritud).

Tee omanikuks

Peaomanikud saavad määrata külalisi, liikmeid ning moderaatoreid omanikeks, vajutades nende nimele ning valides valiku "Tee omanikuks". Omanikud saavad visata külalisi ning moderaatoreid jututoast välja ja eemaldada endast madalama staatusega kasutajaid jututoast piiramata ajaperioodiks (kui Gcontrolis pole seadistatud teisiti), samuti eemaldada kehtivad karistused. Omanikud saavad edutada ning taandada positsioonil külalisi, liikmeid ning moderaatoreid (kui Gcontrolis pole seadistatud teisiti).

Omaniku määramisel peaksid olema eriti ettevaatlik, kuna omanikel on võime edutada keda tahes moderaatoriks ning eemaldada positsioonilt olemasolevad moderaatorid, samuti saab omanik eemaldada jututoast igaveseks kõik endast madalama staatusega kasutajad.

Note: The main owner of the chat can use GControl power to modify default settings for maximum ban lengths for moderators and owners, and their ability to unban, kick, make members and moderators.

Millal on õige aeg kasutajat karistada?

Oleneb rikkumise tõsisusest. Kui soovid kasutajabaasi säilitada tuleks kasutajatesse õiglaselt suhtuda neid esimese või tühisema rikkumise korral pikalt bännimata - näiteks tund või kaks aega reeglite lugemiseks ning tegude üle järele mõtlemiseks peaks sageli piisav olema.

Kedagi jututoast eemaldades tuleks alati kaasata võimalikult täpne põhjus, et kõik, kes vähegi aeglasemad, asjaga kurssi viia, vastasel juhul võidakse sind ebaõiglaseks pidada ning su jututuba hüljata. Kui reeglid on raskesti leitavad või liiga keerulised on põhjuse kaasamine hea moodus teiste teavitamiseks, et too tegevus oli tõepoolest vale ning vastuvõetamatu. Sellegipoolest vältimaks korra käest ära minemist tuleks reeglid võimalikult lihtsalt kirjapilti tuua ning nende asukoht jutukale võimalikult lähedale viia.

Kui mitu moderaatorit peaksin ametisse määrama?

Moderaatoreid peaks olema piisavalt, et kord oleks ka sinu eemalolekul tagatud. Ole moderaatorite valikus ettevaatlik, piisab ühe õiguste kuritarvitamisest, et jututuba jäädavalt rikkuda.

Note: We highly suggest against giving away your chat password, as main owners can use their xat account's password to log into chat's edit page. To activate this feature, simply add the person as a main owner through the "main owners" tab. If you have the Main power, you can easily set the permissions your main owners will have when accessing chat's edit page with their xat account's password.

Antud juhendi eesmärk on aidata omanikke, kes on hädas oma jututoas erinevate funktsioonide kasutamisel.

Kuidas saada rohkem inimesi jututuppa?

The most standard way to get more users into your chat is to make friends and advertise your chat to them. Making people aware of your chat, and its purpose, is essential for making your chat popular. Once you've done this, your friends may invite their own friends, and so forth. Make sure not to repeatedly advertise your chat around xat, however, as this may be considered bad etiquette by other users and chat group owners.

Another common way to gain popularity is via the use of "promotion". By using this service, you are able to trade xats or days in exchange for your chat to be displayed on xat's homepage for a limited amount of time. Alternatively, you can trade xats or days to promote your chat through banner ads, again for a limited time. Both options can attract users temporarily or even permanently, provided they enjoy your chat.

Here are some more tips to make your chat more appealing to new users:

  • Use an attractive background.
  • Make friendly and respectable staff members.
  • Add a radio to your chat.
  • Add a bot to your chat.
  • Make your group about a special topic that you are passionate about.
  • Put your chat on a website or social media page.
  • Choose descriptive tags for your group so that it can be found on search engines.

What do I do if I have received feedback?

If a user sends feedback through the message button that is located below the chat, it will be relayed to your e-mail. If you receive a message about your staff abusing their powers when you are not around, you should investigate. You should also keep in mind that some people will complain even if they have been banned fairly.

$tealth Mode

Owners can appear on the user list as a guest by putting a "$" as the first character of their name. If you were normally named "WuggyBunch", you would change your name to "$WuggyBunch". Only you will be able to see the "$". You can use this if you just want to talk with your friends and don't want to be bombarded with private chats by new visitors.

Moderators and other owners will still be able to figure out you're an owner by clicking on your name and seeing that the "Ban", "Kick" and the "Make Member/Guest" buttons are grayed out.

Anyone will be able to figure out you're an owner if you perform abilities that owners can usually do.