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Having a strong password is essential while using xat. It prevents people guessing your password and getting into your account. xat includes account security features to help against this, read Account Protection for more information. You may also want to read the Phishing article for more ways to protect yourself online.

Note: Symbols and spaces are removed from your password when trying to login (if you have them in your password). This means that the symbols/spaces aren't actually in your password, due to xat removing them by default. For things like editing your xatspace or trading, you would have to type the password without the symbols or change your password entirely for easier access (which you can do here). With that being said, make sure your password only contains alphanumeric characters (a-z A-Z 0-9).

What is a strong password?[edit]

A strong password consists of at least 8 characters that are a combination of (upper and lowercase) letters and numbers. You want to make sure to use both, as it would make your password stronger.

How do I know if my password is strong?[edit]

The strength of your password depends on the amount of characters you have used. The more characters your password contains, the stronger it will be.

How do I make a strong password?[edit]

Your password should be at least 8 characters long using letters and numbers. Avoid using your name, username, birthday, repeated characters, or set of common words. Your password should also be different to any other social account you own.

How often should I change my password?[edit]

You should change your password once every 3 - 6 months, or whenever you feel it is necessary.