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pcback.png (pcback) - Set your own custom PC background[edit]

  • Pcback allows you to set a custom background that users will see when they private chat you.
  • NOTE: This does not work with animated avatars or smilies.

How it works[edit]

  • Simply add a second avatar link preceded by #. i.e Click on your name and add avatar1#avatar2 in the “Picture” section.
  • The first avatar will be the avatar used when you speak in the chat, and the second one will be used for the background when users private chat you.
  • They can both be the same or different depending on what you prefer. If you do not have a second link, your pc background will remain your current avatar link.
  • This does not apply to users who use a smiley code for their avatar. If you use a default toon avatar or an avatar with a link, it will be your pcback if you haven't set one.
  • NOTE: You cannot set a Pcback if you have a default toon avatar.
  • If you want to turn off user's pcbacks from showing and only see chat background, use $pcback=off