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random.png (RANDOM) - Randomize your smilies

  • When the smiley (random) is used, it will choose a random smiley from all of the existing regular xat smilies and smilies from the powers that you have.
  • If you are using the (random) smiley in your name, the smiley shown in the visitors list will not be the same for everyone.
  • If you want to use the random power smiley, you have to type all of the letters in uppercase. i.e. (RANDOM).
  • You can also randomize any smiley power you own by typing random followed by the power name. e.g. (randomsweetheart) or (randomwedding).
  • This power can also be used as an effect on smilies. e.g. (smile#random#random#random) or (smile#randomangel).
  • You cannot randomize specific smiley powers (such as (randomoids) and (randomanime)) as your avatar while using PCBack. If you attempt to use (random) as your avatar while using PCBack, it will show as (RANDOM), the power smiley.
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