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rankscroll.png (RANKSCROLL) - Belirli rütbeler icin alt yazi mesaji hazirla GRUP GÜCÜ

Rankscroll belirli rütbeler icin degisik alt yazi mesaji ayarlamani saglayan bir grup gücüdür.

Belirli-rütbe mesaji ayarlamak icin, normal alt yazi slash kodunu kullan ve devaminda rütbe(ler) ve virgül, sonrada normal sekilde mesajini yaz. Örnegin:

  • /sm,Bu tüm moderatörler icin olan mesajdir.

The following letters represent the respective ranks:

  • o - Owner
  • m - Moderator
  • b - Member
  • g - Guest

Main owners see all the rank-specific scroll messages.

The ranks can also be combined, for example: /som,Please ban all trolls! would set a rank-specific scroll message for all owners and moderators.

To reset all rank-specific scroll messages, use the normal /s command. If you only want to clear one rank-specific scroll message, then use the command again with no message with just the comma, for example: /som,

Smiley Customisation

The rankscroll smiley's default text can be changed by adding #w and then your custom message (maximum of 10 characters). The - character is used for spaces. For example: (rankscroll#wxat-wiki).