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rapid.png (RAPID) - Perform tasks with one mouse click

Rapid is a power that allows you to carry out certain actions with one mouse click. To use, set what you want to do by typing:

  • $rapid=member

(Send as a message, like a macro.) Then hold down the control (ctrl) or command key, and click on a user's name or pawn and they will be made a member. Change "member" to any of the following actions:

  • ignore
  • unban
  • ban
  • kick (requires Rapidreason)
  • gag
  • mute
  • member
  • guest
  • snakeban
  • spaceban
  • matchban
  • mazeban
  • codeban
  • slotban
  • reverse
  • zip

To set the time for ban, gag, and mute, type $rapid=ban,0.1 which will ban for 0.1 hours (6 minutes) each time you use the power.

To add a reason to your rapid actions, you must have the Rapidreason power. Otherwise, the default reason is "rapid".

Note: To use Gag, Codeban, Matchban, Mazeban, Mute, Reverse, Snakeban, Spaceban, Slotban, or Zip, you must have the respective power.

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