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xat can only guarantee a safe purchase when you use the buy page. If you choose to purchase from resellers, you must accept the risks involved. You are solely responsible for ensuring that you are not scammed. In order to avoid scams, we maintain a list of known users who have been reselling for a fair amount of time without issues, listed below.

Note: If someone is reselling for a extremely cheap value, it is very likely to be a scam. Make sure that they are trusted, and have the amount that they are selling before proceeding with the purchase.


They are not official nor verified resellers. They are noteworthy and trusted users who have been reselling for a while without issues.

If you see anyone claiming that they are an official or a verified reseller, please report them by opening a ticket in the Report Scam help department.

ID Regname Info Verified chat Buys from xat Takes Bitcoins
99941393 Addict us.png American reseller Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1000000 Cold us.png American reseller Edge8Gf.png
774522 Kyle us.png American reseller Edge8Gf.png
1013 Mstr br.png Brazilian reseller Edge8Gf.png
76275264 stephencurry30 it.png Italian reseller Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1528210342 Vipak2 th.png Thai reseller ONLY Edge8Gf.png
22835 Zara br.png Brazilian reseller Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png

If you are a paid user, you can request to be added to the list by opening a ticket under the A General Question or Concern help department. Volunteers will look for proof of satisfied customers and a strong past of reselling without issues. Currently, non-paid users cannot request to be added to the list.

Frequently Asked Questions[edit]

Do I become a paid user if I purchase from one of the resellers on the list above?[edit]

No. The only way to become a paid user is by purchasing from the buy page.

What if I get scammed?[edit]

You are encouraged to get the reseller's personal information (real name, number, location, bank account etc.) before finishing a transaction, so that you can use it to file a report against them, if needed. You are also encouraged to provide evidence of the transaction, i.e. by taking screenshots or recording a video.

For frauds, first contact your local police and then report it to xat by opening a ticket in the Report Scam help department.

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