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xat was created to be a fun, social place for everyone. Unfortunately, there are some users who come online with bad intentions of inflicting some type of harm onto others. This guide is here in order to give tips and advice to help you be safe online.

Safety Tips

  • Never give out your personal information to anyone. (Including cell phone numbers, e-mail addresses, passwords, etc.)
  • Use an appropriate and creative nickname instead of your real name.
  • Never agree to meet someone from the internet. Remember that they are strangers, and always be careful of who you trust online.
  • Dit xatspace bør ikke indeholde nogen personlige oplysninger.
  • Hvis nogen for dig til at føle dig utryg,så placere dem på ignorere ved at klikke på deres navn og klikke på knappen Ignore.
  • Klik ikke på links fra folk, du ikke kender, det kan være et forsøg på at stjæle dine oplysninger.
  • Vigtigst af alt, være forsigtig med, hvem du har tillid til, nogle mennesker har ikke gode intentioner.

Ignore and Banning

How to ignore a user.

If you stumble upon a user who's making you feel uncomfortable, you may click their name and click "Ignore", or if you are in a private chat with them, type /t and send it like a normal message; this prevents the user from sending messages to you, and unless you're a moderator or higher, you can't see any messages they send in chat.

Note: Ignore only lasts 12 hours.

If the chat you are on has any rules against harassment, and you are at least a moderator or above you may ban the user according to the chat guidelines. If you are not a staff member, you may contact one and report their behaviour.

Hvis alt andet fejler, har du altid mulighed for at finde en anden chat på

Hacking Threats

xat has implemented security measures in order to keep your personal information safe from malicious users. All of your personal information is stored securely on xat's servers and is not accessible by other users. It is important to take extreme caution before clicking on external links provided to you by other users. They could be trying to compromise your xat account via Phishing. We have confidence that by following this guide and using sensibly, you will be less vulnerable to these type of attacks.

Inappropriate Language

Masked inappropriate language.

If somebody is using bad language, you may ignore them to stop receiving these messages. You can also click your name, and check "Hide inappropriate words". This will automatically replace any bad word with symbols and a gray background, to show that a bad word was used. Clicking this symbol will show the bad word, so only click if you are comfortable with viewing inappropriate words!

Upassende Chats

Hvis du finder en chat, der har upassende indhold i baggrunden, beskrivelse eller hvor som helst på chatten, skal du bekræfte, at det er i strid med vores hensyn til service og i så fald klik på "Inappropriate" nederst til højre i chat boksen og udfylde oplysningerne. Dette vil sende en rapport til xat og vi vil træffe passende foranstaltninger.

Inappropriate Profiles

If you find an inappropriate profile, click "Inappropriate" at the top right, and fill out the form. If they have an advanced profile (using me power), then use the popup menu at the bottom left and, again, click the "Inappropriate" option.

This will send a report to xat where it will be dealt with accordingly, with no further contact to you.

Further Safety Information

You may also want to check out these sites which have info on general safety tips which can be applied to all sites, including xat: