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spaceban.png (SPACEBAN) - Barilin ang mga bwan gamit ang iyong raketa para ma-unbanned LIMITADO GRUPONG POWER

Spaceban allows you to ban a user so that they are required to complete a space themed mini-game to become unbanned.

The objective of spaceban is for the banned user to shoot a certain amount of moons with a limited amount of ammo in a limited time frame. The amount of moons you are required to shoot and the amount of ammo you receive both depend on how long of a spaceban you have received.

Paano gamitin ang Spaceban

Click on the user you want to spaceban, click "ban", enter a duration and an optional reason, and press ban.

Note: The maximum duration that you are able to spaceban a user is 100 hours.

It is also possible to use the Rapid power to spaceban users.

Example: $rapid=spaceban,6 will spaceban the user you rapid for 6 hours. Visit rapid for more information.

Spectator Mode

Spectator mode allows you to view the progress of a user completing a spaceban.

To use this mode, you need to assign spaceban to your chat. When a user is spacebanned, a brown square (with a spaceban smiley) will appear in front of their name. If you click on it, an application will open on the left of the page, which will allow you to view their game.

Mataas na marka ng talahanayan

Kung mayroon kang itinalagang spaceban na power sa iyong chat, maaari mong makita ang high score ng lahat ng mga lumahok sa ban sa iyong chat.

To create this table, click on “edit” below your chat, enter your chat password, and create a new tab under your chat. Then, paste $$spaceban,a,b,c,d$$ onto your new tab and click on “Save changes”.

  • a is the specific duration of spaceban that you want to make a table for (maximum is 100)
  • b is the minimum score that you want to look for
  • c ay ang maximum na puntos na gusto mong hanapin
  • d ay ang bilang ng mga araw na gusto mong makita pabalik sa (maximumay 30)

Example: $$spaceban,15,1,50,20$$ would find and rank any scores for 15-hour spacebans that fell between 1 and 50 seconds, and were completed in the last 20 days.

Ibang Impormasyon

Habang kinokompleto ang spaceban, maaaring palitan ang background ng laro sa pag pindot ng "B".