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Official xat Chats[edit]

  • The term "Official" refers to ownership of the chat group by
  • Though staff do not run these chats, they are owned by and are managed by appointed users.
Help Chats Manager Language
Aiuto Italian
Ajuda Portuguese
Assistance International
Ayuda Spanish
Help English
Yardim Turkish
Ajutor Romanian
Helfen German
Mosa3adeh Arabic
Active chat group
Trade Chats Manager Language
Cambio Spanish
Trade English
Loja International
Active chat group
Other Chats Manager Language
Chat International
Flirt English
Game English
La_Stanza Italian
Sohbet Turkish
xat International
Lobby English
Active chat group

Unofficial / Tribute Chats[edit]

  • These chat groups are not run by xat.
  • These chat groups might be monitored by staff from websites not affiliated with xat.
Design Chats Owner Language
Fondos Spanish
Graphics International
Active chat group
Other Chats Owner Language
Ganar Spanish
Mundosmilies International
Noticias Spanish
xat_test English
Active chat group


If you believe your chat group has what it takes, you may submit an application for it to be included in the above listing. The following will be considered when reviewing your application:

  • The chat group may be a useful resource.
  • The chat group has a positive and established history of contributing to the xat community.


If your application is approved, all Unofficial / Tribute chats should follow the rules below:

  1. Main owners should behave with professionalism and integrity. They should also conduct themselves properly while on Official chats.
  2. Main owners should consult xat when appointing another main owner.
  3. The chat should remain active.

If these rules are not followed, the main owner may receive a warning. If this warning is ignored, the chat may be removed from the lists above.

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