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face.png (FACE) - Create custom faces for your smilies

The Face power allows you to mix and match other xat smiley faces to create your own. There are thousands of different combinations possible!

To do so, use the following code: (face#wEYES.MOUTH.OTHER), replacing the features in capital letters. The "MOUTH" and "OTHER" features are optional.

Available Features

The following different eyes and mouths are available for use with the Face power:

  • ashamed, biggrin, chew, confused, contempt, cool, cry2, crying, d, eek, frown, goo, hello, inlove, mad, mischief, nme, puke, redface, scn, sleepy, smile, smirk, swear, swt, tongue, vampire, wary, wink, yum.

The following extra features are also available for use with the Face power:

  • cry2, crying, inlove, redface, swear, swt


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