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xat has a dedicated forum, created using the IPS Community Suite. Below you will find information regarding the forum. You may access the forum anytime by going to or by clicking on the forum icon on the top right corner of any chat.


xat accounts and forum accounts are separate. You will need to register a forum account to use it. To register, go to and enter the required information. Once you are registered, you can log in at

Note: You may have to wait for your account to be approved.

Starting a new topic[edit]

To start a new topic, click the "Create" button on the top right corner of the screen, next to the bell (notifications) icon. Then, select a forum and click "Continue". Once you select a forum you will be redirected to a page where you enter the topic title and content. You can also create a topic by first navigating to the desired forum and, once again, clicking the "Create" button.

Replying to an existing topic[edit]

To reply to an existing topic, click on the topic and scroll down until you see the reply box. Enter your reply in the box and click "Submit Reply". If a topic is locked, you may not reply to it.

Note: If you are replying as a guest, you will have to wait for your reply to be approved.


To quote someone in your reply, click on the "Quote" button on the bottom of someone's message. Alternatively, you can manually create a quote by clicking the " icon on the toolbar above your reply text box. You can also quote more than one user by clicking the "+" icon on multiple posts, then clicking the button that appears in the bottom right.

Viewing topics[edit]

Reacting to a post[edit]

To react to a post, hover over the react button in the bottom right hand corner. From here, you can express several emotions in regards to the post by clicking on different smilies, such as happiness, confusion, sadness, or gratitude. You may also leave reputation by clicking on the award. Each award increases the user's reputation by 1. Replies in the "Forum Games" and "General Support" forums cannot be given reactions.

Reporting a post[edit]

To report a post, click on "Report a Post" and enter a reason where prompted. Please provide as much useful information as possible. The report will be reviewed by forum staff and handled accordingly.


Clubs allow users to form groups for discussion or just to have fun. A club can be open, meaning that anyone can join, post topics or replies, or see what is being posted within the club. They can also be closed, meaning that you must be invited in order to make posts and view topics.


User groups[edit]

There are different user groups on the forum. Some user groups have special permissions and/or access to special forum categories.

  • Administrators
  • Advanced Members (active forum members with a fair amount of posts and a fair amount of reputation)
  • Members

Note: By default, all users registered on the forum are part of the Members group. Note that this list is in alphabetical order and not in order of authority.

Users can be in more than one user group. The user's primary user group will display under their profile picture. The color of someone's primary rank is also their forum name color.

User profiles[edit]

To view a user's profile, click on their profile picture or name.


To follow a user, go to their profile and click on the "Follow Member" button. You may choose whether or not to let other users see that you follow that user. A user's followers will display on their profile under their reputation. Users may turn off the ability to let others follow them.

Profile photo[edit]

Users may set themselves a profile picture. To set yourself a profile photo, go to your profile and click on the small square on the bottom left of your profile photo. Once you click this, you will get the option to upload a photo or use xat's default photo by selecting "No Photo". Once you upload a photo and click save, you will be prompted to choose how much of the photo you want to display. Select the region and click confirm.

Cover photo[edit]

Only Advanced Members and higher may upload a cover photo. To upload a profile cover photo, go to your forum profile and click on the "Cover Photo" button. Select "Remove Photo", "Reposition Photo", or "Upload Photo" depending on what you want to do. If you want to remove your cover photo, select "Remove Photo". Select "Reposition Photo" to reposition your existing cover photo. Finally, select "Upload Photo" to upload a new cover photo.

Please note that the maximum file size for a profile photo is 1 Megabyte.

Profile visitors[edit]

Users who view your profile will display on the Recent Profile Visitors tab on your profile. The tab displays who visited your profile, when they viewed it and how many people visited your profile in total. To disable this feature on your profile, hover over the Recent Profile Visitors tab on your profile page and click the x labeled 'Disable this Block'.


A user's reputation shows how many awards they have received from other users. When a user reaches a certain amount of reputation, they will advance a reputation level. Advancing a reputation level allows a user to set a cover photo and signature. Giving yourself reputation on an alternate account or asking other users for reputation is against the rules and is considered reputation abuse.

The reputation levels are as follows:

Reputation Levels Likes
Poor -5
Substandard -1
Standard 0
Good 25
Great 50
Excellent 75
Exceptional 300
Distinguished 800

Status updates[edit]

Users can update their status, which displays on the forum homepage. To update your status, go to your profile and write in the box that says "Write a public message on your own feed…". Alternatively, you can create a status by clicking the "Create" button on the top left corner and selecting "Status". You may post a status on someone else's profile by going to their profile page and writing one in the box labeled "Write a public message on [user]'s feed…".


Users may send private messages on the forum. Click on the mail icon at the top right corner to view and create new private messages. To view a message, click on it. To send a new message click "Compose New". On the Compose New page, enter the recipient(s), a subject and your message. It will display on the private message window if and when the user(s) viewed your message. Only users who are added as a recipient may view private messages.

You can also report private messages by clicking "Report reply" at the top right of their message and entering a reason where prompted. Please provide as much useful information as possible within your report. The report will be reviewed by forum staff and handled accordingly.


You can check your notifications by clicking on the bell at the top right corner of the forum homepage. To manage your notifications, click on "Notification Settings".


You can access your forum account settings by clicking on your username at the top right corner of the forum homepage. Here you are able to manage your followed content and ignored users. You can change your display name, password, or email by clicking on "account settings".

Note: You may only change your display name twice in a 60-day period. Users who are new to the forum can only change their display name after 30 days.

Additional settings include the ability to add account security (through Google Authenticator) and an automatic signature to your posts (only available for Advanced Members and higher user groups).

Forum Guidelines[edit]

xat has provided a set of guidelines and rules for the forum. Guidelines are similar to chat rules. Failure to follow the guidelines may result in a warning or restriction being applied to your forum account. You may view the guidelines here. Certain forum categories have their own guidelines, which are listed inside the category portal.


You can choose between a "Light (Default)" and "Dark" forum color theme, depending on your personal preference.

To change the theme, click "Theme" under your forum account settings by clicking on your username at the top right corner of the forum homepage. Alternatively, click "Theme" at the bottom of the forum page.

You can invert the colors of an image on the "Dark" theme with varying intensities of contrast by double-clicking on an image and adding a prefix "dark[1-3]-" to the Image Title. For example, the Image Title "dark1-image.png" would produce a higher intensity contrast, whereas "dark3-image.png" would produce a lower intensity contrast.