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A kiss is a large animation that appears over the entire chat box, and is visible to all users (unless they have you on ignore).

Each kiss costs 25 xats to send.

Kisses display the name of the sender at the bottom of the animation.

Some kisses may also contain audio, for example, the shark or hippo kisses.

How do I send a kiss?[edit]

Click on the 8-ball to open up the interface for kisses.

To send a kiss, click the magic 8-ball on the smiley bar, click "kisses" and browse for one you would like to send. To preview the kiss before sending, click it without entering your password (only you will see the preview). Once you have decided on which kiss you would like to send, enter your password and an optional message and click on the kiss.

Kisses can only be sent in the main chat, though will appear to users even if they are talking in a private chat.


  • You cannot send a kiss if you are banned.
  • You cannot send or see a kiss while using the mobile app.
  • The 'Globe' kiss allows you to add a single smiley of your choice inside the snow globe. To do this, add #smileyhere within your message, for example, Congrats!#pty. This kiss only allows one # effect at a time.

Unlockable kisses[edit]

The dancing dog kiss with Animal power.

The following powers unlock exclusive kisses when held by the sender or assigned to the chat group:

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