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rapidreason.png (RAPIDREASON) - Add a reason to rapid actions

Note: Rapid is required for Rapidreason to function. See the Rapid article for more information on performing rapid tasks.

If no reason is added, the default "rapid" will be shown.


Use the following template:

  • $rapid=action,length,reason

For example:

  • $rapid=mazeban,0.5,Hello
  • $rapid=ban,0.5,Hello xat!

Rapidreason also allows you to use kick alongside rapid:

  • $rapid=kick,1,reason


The (rapidreason) smiley allows custom text, with a maximum of four characters. To do so, add #wMessage to the end of the smiley combo, e.g. (rapidreason#wHi!). To insert a space, use a dash (-), e.g. (rapidreason#wHi-!).

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