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tickle.png (TICKLE) - Get notified of people who click your name
xat security quiz on login page

Tickle power allows you to see which users have clicked on your name.

Tickle is a free power on xat, used to encourage users to learn more about keeping their account safe.

How to get Tickle

A security quiz must be successfully completed to receive the power:

  • Go to xat.com/login. After logging in, scroll down and click the "run quiz and get free Tickle power (days needed)" hyperlink.
  • To begin, click the "start quiz" button.
  • Complete all 19 questions correctly. You must wait 10 seconds before moving on. If you select a wrong answer, try again.
  • When all questions are complete, you will be redirected to the login page with Tickle activated.

NOTE: We recommend that you read all the information about each question.

How it works

The triangular exclamation mark turns green when a user clicks your name.
  • When you turn on Tickle, go to any chat room, and you will see a triangle at the right side of the friends list.
  • The triangle is marked in green when a user clicks on your name.
  • Clicks are recorded regardless of whether the person being clicked or the person doing the clicking is in the same chatroom or not.
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