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Sport power allows you to make many combination's to make your similes represent your sport teams. The sport power has 4 varieties that you can add into yellow smilies. We provided a list below with each of the sport power varieties and example codes that you can choose. The current varieties of sport power has at the moment are Shirt, Soccer, Ball, Football, Sport, BB. Note for maximum effect you may also need the num and color powers.

Basic Usage

The sport power consists of these: #shirt, #football, #soccer, #ball, #bb, #sport, #shirts, #weight, #foam, #helmet. You can add them to any yellow smilie by adding # followed by the hand you want. More sports may be added in the future and the price of the power may go up. For example:

(d#soccer) - this gives a d smiley with a soccer ball

(yum#sport#000000) - this gives a yum smiley with a small helmet

(yum#y#bb#r#g) gives a yum smiley with a bouncing basketball

(biggrin#shirt) gives you a grinning smiley with a shirt background

(smile#foam#g) gives you a smile holding a green foam finger