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subhide.png (SUBHIDE) - Abone günlügü oldugunu gizler (siyah yildiz)

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The Subhide power makes the star, heart or cross on your pawn appear black while keeping all of the normal subscriber abilities. These abilities can be, but are not limited to: avatar effects, subscriber only smilies, or the ability to use powers.

Note: Without the Subhide power, the black star, heart or cross means the user is registered and not subscribed.

Subhide ayrica hesabinizdaki "Subscriber" etiketini kaldirir (eger birisi imleci ismine/piyonuna getirirse) ve yerine "Registered" etiketi koyar.

Kullanicilar (days varsa) ismine tiklayip powerslerine bakinca abone oldugunu anlarlar.

Note: Subhide Flashrank etkinse devre disi kalir.

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