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This template provides a fixed style and easy managing of the list of services who provide automated/remote management for xat chatrooms.


  • name - full name of the service
  • register - link to the service provider's account registration page
  • free - value yes, if the service offered is free
  • freecond - absence of this attribute is used to mark services where free alternatives are available or where it's possible to earn credit without having to pay for it (must be specified what those options are in the info attribute). Add it in with a blank value if you wish to remove the asterisk (only if there's no "catch" to the free/paid nature of the service).
  • trial - how many hours of trial is available prior to having to purchase the service for continued use (for completely free service, don't add this attribute in)
  • chat - exact name of the service provider's chatroom
  • support - link for the service provider's support system / feedback form
  • commands - link to the full list of bot commands
  • safeidle - value yes (no is default and doesn't require this attribute); bot credit (hours) are not drained while the bot is paused/disabled
  • multilingual - bot is available in several languages
  • info - extra information about the features; if the service has alternatives for earning credits (no cost), then this is the place where to specify how