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Parameters include:

  • id - ID of the reseller
  • regname - registered name of the reseller
  • flag - see above for available flags
  • info - where does the reseller operate
  • chat - exact name of the chatroom (xat.com/name)
  • buysxats - whether xats are bought directly from xat
  • bitcoins - whether bitcoins are accepted as a payment method
ID Regname Info Verified chat Buys xats from xat Takes Bitcoin
99941393 Addict us.png American reseller xat.com/Bryan Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1000000 Cold us.png American reseller xat.com/Cold1M Edge8Gf.png
774522 Kyle us.png American reseller xat.com/yleK Edge8Gf.png
1013 Mstr br.png Brazilian reseller xat.com/TheStore Edge8Gf.png
76275264 stephencurry30 it.png Italian reseller xat.com/Aghetto Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
1528210342 Vipak2 th.png Thai reseller ONLY xat.com/Vipak2 Edge8Gf.png
22835 Zara br.png Brazilian reseller xat.com/ZaraCambio Edge8Gf.png Edge8Gf.png
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