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This template is the new basis for articles on powers to:

  • Keep a consistent layout and allow it to be changed without having to edit 344 (and counting) articles
  • Have untranslatable stuff preset and save space
  • Make adding new articles as fast and efficient as possible.

With this template, I also made it possible to include more than 10 smiley previews under articles (up to 40).



  • power - name of the power
  • heading - short description of a power
  • status - See below for valid statuses (remove attribute for unlimited user powers)
limited group
limited epic
epic group
limited epic group
  • featuredimage - image displayed when hovering over article's link
  • info - detailed information of a power
  • smiley1-40 - used for listing smilies for preview
  • pawn1-9 / pc1-9 - pawns for preview
to remove limited pawns from an article, simply add "pawnsdisabled" attribute with a value yes
  • color - change example box color
  • example1-10 - used for showing examples of a power (i.e. backs)
examplelink1-10 - use direct image link instead of getstrip.


  • smiley - use if power has >1 smiley
  • function - use if power has a function
  • effect - use if power has an FX smiley
  • hug - use if power has a hug
  • jinx - use if power has a jinx
  • flix - use if power has a flix
  • blast - use if power has a blast animation
  • game - use if power is a game
  • allpowers - use if power is in allpowers
  • pawn - use if power is a pawn
  • gameban - use if power is a gameban
  • animal - use if an animal power
  • food - use if food related power
  • macros - use if power has a macro
  • valentinesday - use if power relates to valentines day
  • stpatricksday - use if power relates to st patricks day
  • easter - use if power relates to easter
  • independenceday - use if power relates to independence day
  • halloween - use if power relates to halloween
  • thanksgiving - use if power relates to thanksgiving
  • christmas - use if power relates to christmas
  • newyear - use if power relates to new year
  • earthday - use if power related to earth day
  • scifi - use if power relates to Sci-Fi
  • leisure - use if power relates to leisure acitivies
  • anatomy - use if power relates to the human body.
  • environment - use if power relates to the environment
  • accessory - use if power is an accessory
  • sticker - use if power is a sticker


Daniel has provided us with a generator that makes using this template a lot easier.

Usage: Just go to https://i.xat.wiki/power-box/?power=nameofpower

Example: https://i.xat.wiki/power-box/?power=flower

and copy the content within the box to an article on powers. Make sure to fill in heading, info and status fields (where required).


While using the above generator is recommended, I'm including the template below just in case.

|heading= <translate> 
|status= <translate> 
|info= <translate> 




Use the preview button to make sure the article has no errors in it.

That's it for now. My dear editors, if you have any questions, contact me on facebook, chat or e-mail me at [email protected]

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