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  • header - add important message at the very top of the rules
  • header2 - adds message right after with underline attribute (optional)
  • rules - list of rules
  • staff - notes to staff members
  • extra - something extra that needs mentioning, see Trade Chat for example (optional)
  • staffdisable - disable attribute staff and the english header that comes with it

Disabling attribute staff might be what you're after, if you have rules that are not in english. Information about staff can in that situation be included under attribute extra (see Rules:Fundos for an example).

Optional: If you wish, you could have your rules expand to save space (see Rules:Help for an example)


  • rule# - Short introduction of a rule
  • rule#d - More detailed version of a rule
  • oldrulesdisable - If you wish to disable rules attribute

Disabling rules attribute is not required if you wish to include additional information there (see Rules:Help for an example)


  • |rule1=No profanity.
  • |rule1d=Now here I explain in detail what words and situations apply to this rule.

At the bottom of your rules page you will find empty attributes from |r1= to |r25=. These are there to disable spoilers that are not in use.

For example, if you have 15 rules and you wish to include them in spoilers, then remove |r1= to |r15= from the bottom.

If at any time you wish to add more rules or remove some, you need to adjust absent |r#= attributes to match the number of rules available.