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tempmod.png (TEMPMOD) - Make a temporary moderator

Tempmod allows main owners and owners to promote guests and members to moderator for any duration of time, up to 24 hours. Note that you must be a temporary owner or above to use this power.

Temporary moderators that are signed in while their moderator rank expires will remain a moderator until they sign out and in (including changing name, avatar, and homepage) or by attempting to use any moderator ability; such as banning, demoting, kicking or promoting. They will become a permanent member afterwards.

Temporary moderators are not able to make permanent members. If a temporary moderator attempts to make a user a member, they will instead make the user a member for one hour, even if the temporary moderator does not have Tempmem. However, the temporary moderator will still be able to use Tempmem. The maximum amount of time that a temporary moderator can ban by default is 6 hours, however this can be extended with GControl.

How to Use

Start a private chat with the user you want to make a temporary moderator and type /m followed by the duration of time you want to make the user a temporary moderator for (in hours).

Example: Sending /m12 in a user's private chat would make them a temporary moderator for 12 hours.

Note: The user will be made into a permanent moderator if you do not specify a time.

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